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Man gets call from a guy on his GF's phone, she claims it was a 'prank.' AITA? UPDATED

Man gets call from a guy on his GF's phone, she claims it was a 'prank.' AITA? UPDATED


"Got a call from some random dude on her phone and a text that said 'u knew she was playing u dawg'… She says it was just a joke. What do I do?"

Here's the original post:

She’s visiting her hometown right now, and I got a call along with that text this morning from this random mf on her phone and he just hung up after a few seconds, and then I got a call from her and she basically just hung up after a few seconds and then texted me a few minutes “Lmfaoooo we were just messing around”

Eventually she called me like 20 minutes later and I’m like bruh. She told me she was with a group of friends and she was talking about us and decided to play a joke on me.

What do I do? Do I just break up with her? The thing is I could honestly see her doing something stupid like that to mess with me, so if it really was just a joke I don’t want to breakup but like… damn I look like staying with a girl after some dude literally calls me from her phone and says I’m getting played?

What do you think he should do? This is what top commenters had to say:

Nanny_Ogg1000 said:

A text like that would be very disturbing to most men if received from their girlfriend's phone. A woman who would do that to a BF, and then laugh it off as goofing around is either very immature, or utterly uncaring about what you think. Neither of these possibilities bodes well for a productive relationship. If you break up with her be prepared for a "whatever" response.

DrJJGame10 said:

“Let me talk to the guy who called me then”

Whatcrysis said:

Infidelity is something you don't make jokes about. Even if it was a joke, it has now put doubts and suspicion in your mind. I'd walk away. Good luck.

California-Roadtoad said:

It's not a joke. It's a red flag. I'm only hoping you two aren't living together, as it makes the breakuo a bit easier.

throwawaywisely said:

Yeah... It doesnt sound like a joke :/

Reader: It was, in fact, not a joke.

About a week after his original post, he shared this update:

She was cheating. Not only was she cheating, she never broke up with her ex. She moved away from her hometown but they stayed together, and she was visiting home. She was with him, and he was looking through her phone and saw me and started questioning her and took her phone to call me, but she took it back and hung up.

This dude called me off her phone again while she wasn’t around and we had a discussion. She was dating both of us I guess… just so weird because she seemed obsessed with me… she would talk about me to literally everybody and I had met her whole family after like a month being together… Effing crazy.

Effing crazy.

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