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Man secretly trains clumsy GF to be an Olympic-level catcher.

Man secretly trains clumsy GF to be an Olympic-level catcher.


"I have been secretly training my girlfriend"


I have been secretly honing my girlfriends ability to catch things. She was absolutely horrible at catching things, and she has told me she is mildly insecure about it. She has many insecurities that I do my best to comfort and help her with. But this, well t his is something I can definitely help her with. So I commited.

Over the past 9 months, I have been throwing things to her, more and more each passing day. At the start, she would always drop it and we would laugh it off and tease each other. But slowly, slowly she was getting better.

Now, her reflexes have massively improved and her catching skills are that of a god damn Olympic champion. I'm not even kidding, it's f*cking insane. I give her everything by throwing it to her now (minus fragile objects of course.)

I don't ever plan to tell her about this because she's been bragging about how much her ability to catch just randomly started improving and I don't want to take her spotlight or make her feel like I'm taking the credit for her improvement.

I also just really like hearing her shocked and giddy laugh and her ear to ear smile when she catches things in really awkward positions (between two of her fingers, between her wrists, behind her back while looking at her phone at the same time, are things I can think of off the top of my head.)

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I think she was secretly training you.

The OP responded:


That would be the plot twist of the century.


Idk why OP thinks his GF is bad at catching. OP is a catch and his GF held on to him just fine <3


I need this! My go to catch move is one hand protecting my face, one hand protecting my head and repeating "No no no no no no" while doing it. My nibblings think thowing balls at me is a way more entertaining outdoor game than basketball. 😁

(I somehow managed to be the only person in my family for generations that wasn't gifted amazing hand eye coordination, or really, any coordination, for that matter.)


I think she realized but decided not to tell you because of how happy it made you.

The OP again replied:


Wait I think you might be right actually.


It's nice to see a positive post in this sub once in a while instead of all the usual boyfriend girlfriend negative ones. Thanks for sharing.

The OP then provided a small, cute update.



I am a weak weak man. I am horrible at keeping secrets, and as soon as I posted this I did not last 2 hours before I called her over to read the post 😞. She's actually quite happy and she laughed at the post and is appreciative of my long term efforts. We are reading the comments and smiling. All of your comments are wonderful. You all made both of our days, thank you reddit :))

So, other than this seeming like he was training his girlfriend like a dog, it seems like she finds it cute. Have you ever secretly trained a romantic partner?

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