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Man tells GF she is underdressed to meet his extended family. AITA?

Man tells GF she is underdressed to meet his extended family. AITA?


When this man is upset with his GF, he asks Reddit:

'AITA by telling my gf she underdressed for meeting my extended family?'

So i invited my gf to come with me to meet my extended family that came visiting from russia, i wanted her to meet them as i love my family and they mean a lot. My gf told me shell be ready in 2 hours and well go, i said okay, and waited for her, i then drove to pick her up, when i saw her standing outside she was wearing yoga pants with a sports top.

While i was wearing casual business. I admit that when i saw her i was disappointed, why did i wait for 2 hours? For yoga pants? I truly love my gf and i could care less about what shes wearing, but for some reason today i felt annoyed that she didnt even try to look good for me.

Maybe it was because i wanted my family to meet her and have a good impression, i don't know... But i didnt say anything and we drove there, when we got out of the car she said to me 'I think i underdressed' and thats where i said 'ye... youre kinda wearing a homeless outfit.'

Then a whole argument began, after which i drove her back home because she said she didnt want to meet my family anymore. Now i agree that i overeacted by saying 'homeless fit' but i still think my point has some validity. AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

mmigs writes:

YTA. If you and your family have dress expectations for when she meets them for the first time, you need to convey those expectations, because it's your family.

aurelionboi writes:

YTA. You could have told her ahead of time to wear something nice and leave it at that. But you didn't, then you saw how she did come dressed and didn't take the opportunity to politely mention that she 'underdressed.' Then she admits to underdressing, and that's when you decide to tell her she looks 'homeless?!'

satisfactory writes:

ESH. She should have put more effort in, unless she's super committed to 'I don't pretend for nobody' and is willing to accept the consequences of that. You should have said something before you left.

'Hon, do you want to grab an extra set of clothes incase you change your mind later on? This meeting is important to me.' Lack of communication up front, and then bad communication after.

So, is OP TA here? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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