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Man tells GF; 'You're NOT coming camping with me.' AITA?

Man tells GF; 'You're NOT coming camping with me.' AITA?


When this man wants to exclude his GF from a camping trip, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling my girlfriend I don't want her to come camping with me?"

My girlfriend is real homebody and she doesn't really enjoy doing outdoor activities often. So every other week or so I like to take the weekend to go camping on my own cause there are some pretty great views to see where we live.

So I usually head out around Saturday morning and drive a few hours out to a campsite and spend the night camping and ride my dirt-bike down some trails the next day and come back home around 5-6 the next day.

So this weekend I was packing my bags to head out for Saturday and my girlfriend asked me what do you even do all the way out there. I told her what I do and she went "

That cant be all you do that seems so boring dont you go to a restaurant or something". I told her nah thats really all I do when I head out and she didn't believe me so she wanted to tag along with me on this weekends trip.

i told her that I didn't want her to come with me since i know she wont enjoy herself and be miserable and also cause i like it cause it lets me disconnect and bringing people along with me kinda defeats the purpose.

She got sad since she assumed that I was only doing it so that i could spend time away from her which isnt true and refuses to believe me now. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

jclash writes:

YTA. You go regularly, what's the harm bringing her for one trip? If she doesn't like it, she'll leave you to it. If she does, well you've just unlocked a cool new hobby for your partner, and it's something you can share together.

You can still take alone trips if that's important to you, by agreeing when and where. But deciding for your girlfriend that she won't like it and stopping her from joining you is a bit of a dick move. Let her figure that out for herself.

bighugeonion writes:

NAH. You aren't a bad guy for wanting to be alone. She isn't a bad guy for wanting to spend some time with you.

Some advice though: relationships involve compromise. If you guys can't compromise with each other as well as not understanding each others boundaries, then you will struggle.

techmakerdb writes:

Light YTA. Just take her on one trip to show her what it's all about. Show her what you like about camping, why all these things which are insignificant to her are significant to you.

Does she have to come every time? No. And if she can't respect your desire to spend a bit of time to yourself, then maybe she's not for you. But I think you have to at least take her on one trip. If not, then suspicion will arise and that will cause more problems that one trip with her could probably avoid.

Are you a massive AH? no. But I feel like if someone did this to me then I think I would probably feel similar to how your girlfriend feels.

So, is OP TA here? What do YOU think?

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