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Man wants all $400K of grandma's inheritance. Dad says, 'I'm entitled to $200K.' AITA?

Man wants all $400K of grandma's inheritance. Dad says, 'I'm entitled to $200K.' AITA?


When this man feels upset about his family, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for wanting my inheritance money?'

I (26 m) was left a house from my Grandmother on her will when she passed. On reading the will my dad (57) had an incredibly bad reaction to me being given the house, in ways of shouting and crying despite being given a nice sum of money within the will.

(EDIT; We have known since I was 16 that the house was coming to me as my Grandmother said she would do that. She also gave my dad enough money to pay off his debt and it was a large sum. However, for whatever reason dad didn’t like that my grandmother actually gave me the house even though me knew it)

This was in 2022 when we read the will and I felt I had to offer him some money from my house because he made me feel horrible. Since then he has decided that if the house sells for $400,000 he is going to take $200,000 from it. I have had no say in that it’s just expected.

He also decided he wanted to join our names on the will, this has not been done. He is the executor of the will and I have not received the house yet.

I am now 26 and wanting to buy my own house (the house I’ve been left isn’t something I want) and I’ve recently proposed to my boyfriend who said yes.

I am at the point where I want to say no to giving him $200,000, I’m willing to give a good sum to him to help him with the necessities but $200,000 is too much to part from. I need the money to put a deposit down and pay for several things, whereas he wants it for a pension.

I am at a complete loss now because if I try to speak up I get regarded as a horrible son and he makes me feel guilty for wanting to set my own life up.

So AITA for wanting my inheritance but also willing and generously giving him some money to help despite being branded unhelpful and made to feel worthless?

I just need some advice on how to go about it. I know if I talk to him he will get very angry and childish to me wanting a bit more of my money. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Let's see what readers had to say.

appropriatescience8 writes:

NTA. But, no, don’t give the father anything. At all. If he’s demanding $200k, he’ll resent you even if you’re generous enough to give him $100k. It hurts you and won’t appease him. This will likely severely damage your relationship with him, but that’s 100% on him, not OP. And it’s not like giving him any $ will repair the damage OP’s dad has already done.

demon803 writes:

NTA, your Grandmother left YOU the house, she left him a 'nice' sum of money. You should not have to give him any of the proceeds from your house, did he share any of his with you? why isn't the 'nice' chunk of money going towards his pension?

ptazba writes:

Your father is the AH. You need a lawyer to help you. He cannot just take what was left to you and there's probably taxes that will have to come out of that sale, so don't give it all away and don't let him guilt you or manipulate you into doing that.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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