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Man tells pregnant GF to pay for eating his dinner; says, 'It's not my kid.' AITA?

Man tells pregnant GF to pay for eating his dinner; says, 'It's not my kid.' AITA?


AITA for asking my pregnant girlfriend to pay for or replace my meal because she ate all of it?"

I've (26M) been with my girlfriend (29F) for going on two years. Before we ever met she and her sister had been working on her being a surrogate for her sister and her sister's husband. Global things delayed that, we talked about her agreement before we got together and now she's pregnant for them.

She is staying with them for now but she comes over to my place frequently to spend time with me when she's free. Its not so bad but either she raids my kitchen or she complains nothing looks good and wants me to keep some of her for-sure cravings on hand.

My parents came to visit me and asked me if I wanted them to pick anything up for me on their way. They had to pass one of my favorite restaurants to get here so I said yes. They showed up, we visited with each other. I ate a little bit of what they brought me since I wasn't really hungry yet and put the rest in the fridge for dinner that night.

My girlfriend wound up coming over for a bit after they left. She got hungry and wanted a snack, and came out with the container I put my leftovers in and goes 'Can I have some of this?'

I told her yes. She came back with a plate and she didn't take some of it, she took all of it and put all kinds of sh*t on it so we couldn't even share. I told her that I said she could have some and she just ate all of what I intended to have for dinner so I asked her to either send me money to pay for it, so I could go get some myself, or she could make the drive and get me another order.

She didn't want to drive that far and she didn't think she should have to pay me anything. I told her she should because it'd just be nice of her to do. I get that she gets cravings but it's not like she's pregnant with my kid or we live together. She left at that point, left half the food uneaten and I wouldn't eat it cause of what she put on it.

A couple hours later my mother called. My gf texted her about what happened. My mom gave me an earful about how I have no idea what its like for my gf right now and I need to be supportive and let things go. AITA?

INFO from OP:

The food was some grilled chicken, two pieces of grilled fish, hush puppies and macaroni and cheese.

She has one kid already but the father has primary custody. The place they used for surrogacy were lenient since they were using a family member instead of having to match her sister with someone.

I didn't pay [my parents] for [the food] but they picked it up for me. Since she ate all of it I wanted her to pay me back so I could go and get more. I'm already paying to replace other stuff she snacks on or to keep her current favorites at my place.

Here's how people judged OP:

usury87 writes:

NTA. Regardless of how special the meal was, or your willingness to share it, or how much it cost you, or whatever her condiments did to its palatability, she didn't think anything about taking your whole dinner and not replacing it. Then she used her pregnancy as the excuse.

Funny_Bat432 writes:

Tho the food thing would annoy me, her calling my mother would put me into possible deal breaker territory. Different if living together and sharing expenses or even pregnant with your child but none of that is the case.

Rwhitechocmuffin writes:

Been pregnant and it is not an excuse to be greedy or rude. Girlfriend definitely needs to pay OP. NTA.

Gold-Carpenter7616 writes:

Am pregnant right now. I ask my husband if I want to eat his special treats, and don't eat them when he says no.

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