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18 men admit what their response would be to another guy flirting with 'their girl'.

18 men admit what their response would be to another guy flirting with 'their girl'.


Jealousy is a tough emotion to get a handle on, but hopefully your partner can handle themselves when you get a little attention from a stranger.

Personal accounts of men all over the world started pouring in when Reddit user u/Hot_Wine_2004 asked:

'Men of Reddit, what would be your response to a guy who suddenly starts flirting with your girl?'

1. Psycle_Sammy starts off strong:

I’d step in and say something. Not because I feel I need to or because my wife can’t handle herself, but because I know her and she likes the feeling of being looked after. I know this because she’s told me.

2. between3and20spaces says:

He's got great taste and I hope he's got thick skin.

love2go agrees:

Yeah I trust her so I’m sitting back and enjoying the show.

3. To_Fight_The_Night writes:

Nothing. She is beautiful and I get it. When she shoots them down and they keep trying is when I would step in, because it's harassments at that point and that is a problem.

4. From whiskeyriver0987:

Had a guy buy our margaritas when my gf ordered them for us at the counter. I thanked him from accross the resteraunt, free margaritas taste better.

5. MyCircusMyMonkeyz speaks from the other side:

My best friend is naturally drop dead gorgeous. One night we went and had quite a few drinks at a taphouse nearby, and when we got back I mentioned to her husband that literally every head in the room turned when she walked in and that the bartender seemed to blush every time he talked to her. It was more for her benefit, because she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is.

He got pissed. Wtf?! You marry a beautiful woman and you’re mad when people notice her? Makes no sense.

6. SundaeComfortable628 comments:

If he isn’t physically touching her, I would see what her reaction is. If she reciprocates, then I would leave as I just dodged a bullet. If she shoots him down, I make my presence known to prevent a potential negative reaction from the guy towards her

7. JackSixxx shares a secondhand story:

Went out with another couple. Walking through an area filled with bars, we hear some guys catcalling our (lady) friend. Something along the lines of 'you're so hot, I would give it to you...', and her boyfriend replies back: 'and nothing for me?'

8. GiggityDPT admits:

Younger me would be confrontational. Mid-30s me would be curious to see how it goes. And if, by some surprise, she's into it, then she just revealed something about her/us that I really needed to know anyway.

9. DE_OG_83 explains:

It gets a little awkward when you are a small guy. I’m not pint-sized, but at 5’7” and 165/170, I am not intimidating most men. Had two offensive line-looking dudes catcalling my fiancé in a bar years ago. She just ignored them the first two times.

I had to walk over and explain the situation to the two gentlemen and let them know that I wasn’t looking for a fight, but I wasn’t going to allow it to continue.

10. Smellmyhand recommends:

Ask him if he’s down for a 3 way to make him uncomfortable.

11. But fuqaduck takes a sweeter approach.

My wife is gorgeous in my eyes, but she is incredibly hard on herself. After kids, antidepressants, and being 20 years older than she was when we started dating she doesn’t always see that she’s the most beautiful person for me. Someone else gonna start talking her up and wants to get in her pants? I’d just tell her I told you so.

12. BoyfriendOfChrist hits it on the head:

She's a grown-up. She can respond to his flirting herself.

NoBSforGma responds:

This is the answer I was looking for. Your girlfriend is not a kid. Let her handle her own situations.

13. Anom8675309 wonders:

If she's taken by another man by simply 'talking/flirting', is she really 'my girl' in the first place?

14. From ChatGPT_Savant:

I'd probly just put my arm around her waist and join the conversation.

15. assa9sks has a rational response:

It depends on the situation. Most the time I think good luck man, hope she doesn’t embarrass you. I know she’s coming home with me at the end of the day.

If the guy is obviously creepy and making her uncomfortable, I typically step in and make sure he gets the point. I’m not a small guy so they usually get the idea. I don’t really care for confrontation or violence, but with that said, I won’t tolerate someone harassing my wife or making her uncomfortable.

16. TylerRW98 shares:

I would expect my girl to shut it down politely.

17. gmr548 says:

I might laugh if it was particularly bold/egregious right in front of my face or something but I’d never intervene unless she asked me to. She’s an adult and can decide for herself if she wants to entertain a conversation. Also, selfishly, I usually like to see if I can get a free beer out of it if it’s occurring at a bar.

18. And finally, from Chiaseedmess:

I've seen a few guys try it and just feel bad for them. She generally shoves her huge ring in their face and yells at them. Once, we were out with friends, and some guy tried to grab her waist. She yelled and slapped the guy's drink into his face.

Most guys would get worked up and 'defend their girl' I just find it a blast to watch her go off on creepy ass guys and put them in their place. She's the best and I love her to fucking death. Cheers to 9 years, love!

Sources: Reddit
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