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MIL accused by son of 'body shaming' his wife while eating chicken. AITA?

MIL accused by son of 'body shaming' his wife while eating chicken. AITA?


When this MIL is accused of "shaming" her DIL, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for talking to my DIL about her eating habits?"

I’m so tired, my son and my DIL are staying with me to save money. I cook and we have a serve yourself policy. The thing is she will eat a lot more than me.

For example I made chicken, I would eat only one chicken breast she would have three. Basically she eats a lot more than me and I don’t substitute for lower calorie stuff. I’m not going to use skim milk instead of cream for example.

She is overweight and has been going on about how it doesn’t make sense that I am much smaller. I asked if she was joking and she confirmed that she didn’t understand why she is gaining weight. I told her that she eats a lot more than me so of course she is bigger.

This started an argument about how I am shaming her and not being a good host. My son wants me to apologize but I find it ridiculous and this is common sense. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

okpomegranate8 writes:

NTA. Absolutely do NOT apologize. Why is the onus on you for 'keeping the relationship good' by apologizing for pointing out a simple fact?

Why is nobody here saying that DIL should grow up, stop being so frail and realize that it was simple a fact being pointed out. In fact, DIL should apologize for needlessly throwing a tantrum while she is A GUEST that gets a CHEF!!

Then complains about not being a good host? How about DIL gets her shit together so she doesn't need 'a good host'? Unbelievable. Absolutely do not let these people on reddit talk you into enabling this spoiled brat.

smileystarfish writes:

Being rude and being right are not mutually exclusive. You may have pointed out a fact but you don't have to be nasty about it. Soft YTA. Don't let this be the hill you die on.

areyouscaredyet writes:

NTA. Maybe some overweight people don't realize how much they're eating in comparison to others, but if she's asking you, then this is probably a good time to find out. Maybe she'll notice more now. As long as you weren't being purposely mean with the way you said it, I asee no problem.

I don't think people should ask questions that are a set-up and only have one correct answer, which is a lie or some kind of reassurance. I've done it in the past with something else without even realizing it, and wish someone stopped me in my tracks.

As a thinner woman, I've had times where I've eaten a larger serving or fast food once a week with friends and had a bigger friend go off on me about how lucky I am and how they wish they could eat like that and be skinny.. even though I know for a fact that they consistently eat like that, often multiple times a day, which is why they're bigger than me.

I don't know if some people are in denial, are hiding it because of shame, or just somehow don't realize just how much they eat compared to others. But I think maybe your daughter in law will notice now. It would've been rude if you just randomly said that too her. But since she asked, I think it's fine.

Looks like the jury's out. What do YOU think?

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