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Woman asks if she was wrong for not warning boyfriend food was spicy, then laughing.

Woman asks if she was wrong for not warning boyfriend food was spicy, then laughing.


In a post on Reddit a woman asked if she was wrong to let her boyfriend f**k around and find out. Here's her story...

My boyfriend (22m) does not do spicy food at all. I (21f), on the other hand, love spicy food. Whenever we get wings together, he always gets BBQ while I get some variation of buffalo (medium or hot usually). He knows my love for spice, and he knows this.

Yesterday I got wings alone because he was still at work. I ate half and put the rest in the fridge. When he got home he asked me if he could eat my leftovers later, to which I basically responded “haha sure” because I thought he was joking. I seriously thought there was no way he’d even try to eat them.

Later in the night we went to run some errands and started bickering. He kept saying how starving he was, so I assumed he was hangry, but didn’t appreciate him taking it out on me. On our way back home, he began critiquing everything I did while driving. Some context here is that I drive 95% of the time, as in I’m always the default driver.

I have an SUV and he has a sports car, so yeah I guess it makes sense. But he’s never offered me gas money (even when gas was outrageous) and then still picks at my driving (which is not new, so this is a sore spot). I’ll admit I was pissed off.

I had asked him several times if he wanted food on the way home and he said no. I knew he still planned to eat my food, and I was already mad, so I decided to let him. When we got home I watched him warm up the wings, take one bite, and then freak the f**k out.

I’ll admit that I laughed because it was a funny sight, and that might make me TA here. He was absolutely livid. He yelled and said I should’ve told him they were hot (he knows I get hot wings), and that now he has to go get food when we were just out (I literally asked him several times).

He grabbed his keys and stormed out, and wouldn’t let me come with him because “there’s no way I’m spending money on food for you after you pulled this”. I stayed home and really believed that after he ate he would calm down (he tends to get very hangry), but he did not.

He didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night, slept facing the other way, and didn’t give me a kiss on his way out this morning.

I guess maybe I’m TA for 1, laughing, and 2, letting him eat it out of “revenge” in a way. But I also don’t think it warranted his reaction at all. I really don’t know for sure and that’s why I’m here. So, AITA?

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NTA, it's YOUR FOOD, he knows you like spicy stuff, not your fault


I am a firm believer that spicy food people should be with spicy food people (life is too short to have to work around someone’s spicy avoidance). But BF really takes it up a notch with immaturity and grudge holding.

Maybe you are a little YTA but then again, with provocation, but he is showing you who he is and how he deals with conflict and how he communicates. Listen to what he is showing you.

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