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17 people reveal what they wish they could tell their partner without upsetting them.

17 people reveal what they wish they could tell their partner without upsetting them.


Communication is a key part of any romantic relationship, but if you don't have anything nice to say sometimes it really is better to keep that comment about your partner's cooking locked in the depths of your soul...

Yes, the secret family recipe needs salt but would you rather stay married or consult the spice cabinet? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's something you wish you could tell your partner without upsetting them?' internet strangers everywhere were ready to reveal the one secret they've been reluctantly keep from their partner.


That when someone gives you some negative feedback or some direction on something you have done wrong it is not a personal attack. Take it on board and if it was a mistake work to not make that mistake again - RodMunch85


I wish I could tell her to do the dishes without it turning into an argument about how she “isn’t some housewife.' - Double_Joseph


Babe, your feet are ugly as f*ck. - itsactuallyme1


The balance of work in our household is not fair. You make dinner six times a week and do laundry once a week. I do literally everything else, including being the sole income earner. - HawaiianShirtsOR


Please stop looking at Instagram all the time. - ThinkIGotHacked


I love him very much even after 22 yrs. of marriage. I appreciate that you still want to have sex all the time. Sometimes I just want to chill and watch TV. It's not that I am not interested anymore. - Fearless_Nature_9989


His breath is rank. I wish he took better care of his teeth. He brushes them, goes to dentist but the last few times we were out in public and I could smell him talking. I would pop in some spearmint gum for me to chew so i would smell that more than his breath. - LeafOnTheWind2020


His parents are greedy, selfish people and treat him like an atm. - zoeinator


I AM THE BETTER DRIVER. - Equivalent-Moment-60


That it’s a little disturbing how aggressively he drives when he’s grumpy… heavy on both gas and brakes, zooming in and out of traffic, swearing at people who make mistakes… very unlike him. - vocabulazy


You need to figure out what it is you want to do in life, I cannot solve that for you - CabbageStockExchange


Please stop complaining about everything. If you keep seeking out reasons to be miserable, you will find them. - coniferous-1


That I wish she’d be more independent so she didn’t need my help for everything outside the house. - Shto_Delat


That her mother is not a good person - AFaceForRadio_20


That some days I’m just tired from class and work and just want some me time, it’s not that I hate you my social battery is just running out - lazybordercollie


The trash bin won't empty itself if you let it overflow - Bigbird_Elephant


Every bad thing that happens doesn't require someone to be blamed for it. And that someone doesn't always have to be me. - flash17k

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