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Pregnant woman tries to 'hijack' husband's guys-only trip; they want to cancel.

Pregnant woman tries to 'hijack' husband's guys-only trip; they want to cancel.


When this pregnant woman is upset with her husband, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for hijacking my husband’s family guys trip?'

Every year the guys in my husband’s family go on a trip and none of the girls have ever been allowed to go. According to my sister-in-law they’ve tried for years to be included but they’ve never been and the guys act super secretive about the whole thing.

This year my husband wasn’t going to go because he didn’t want to leave me home alone as I’m pregnant. His cousins asked me to come too because they would prefer that to my husband not going and breaking the tradition.

I agreed to go but then I mentioned how I would be bored and asked my husband if his sister and some of his other female relatives could come too to keep me company. I told him I didn’t want to go otherwise so he invited them which didn’t go over well with the other guys.

A few of them are really upset with me and have accused me of hijacking their trip. It’s turned into this huge thing and now the trip might be cancelled. AITA?

Let's see.

plumplumlivid writes:

NTA. OP did NOT invite anyone. OP's husband is part of a group of male family members that go on a men only trip every year.

OP's husband prioritizes pregnancy above a trip with his male family members. So OP's husband told the group he wouldn't join them this year because of his wife being pregnant.

The other group members couldn't accept this, because they think it's important OP's husband goes on this yearly trip with them. So the group decided to invite OP on the trip, as she was the reason her husband wouldn't join them this year.

jtyashiro writes:

YTA. Inviting them was not the wrong thing, but you and your husband not checking with the other guys going if they were ok with it, especially since you know the guys for years have wanted to keep the trip limited to a certain group, seems a little AH-ish.

elegantplaintain writes:

NTA. Why should you be dragged away on a trip that you can't partake in? I don't see whether you were asked if you want to go, but if your husband's so worried then he can stay home, and I don't see how any of the fuss is created by your actions.

Hard to say. Is OP TA?

Sources: Reddit
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