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Husband berates wife for 'immature' bedsheets; wife calls him 'a child.'

Husband berates wife for 'immature' bedsheets; wife calls him 'a child.'


When this husband is annoyed with his wife he asks Reddit:

'AITA For refusing not to sleep in sailor moon bedsheets?'

Background, I (M29) have been married to my wife (F28) for 5 years and we have a child together (F2). She does all the housework, occasionally I might lend a hand but she cleans, cooks and all those good things.

I frequently tell my wife I am grateful for her hard work and she decorates the house as she sees fit (mainly in pink) and I do not have a say in this nor do I particularly care. We have a lovely home which is in no way because of my input.

She takes pride in our bed and often buys new bedding with various patterns or themes. Normally this bedding is pink which I don't particularly like but I wouldn't complain.

She recently bought sailor moon bedding. I'm no hardcore anime person but isn't this anime for 13 year old girls? I'm to sleep in bedding with these stupid princess pictures and rabbits and cats on it.

I feel like a line has to be drawn somewhere. I asked her how she would feel if I bought Thomas the tank engine bedding but she said it isn't the same. I got quite angry about it.

My dad would roll in his grave if he knew I was sleeping in little girls bedding. She put the bedding on anyway and I'm threatening to sleep downstairs until it's removed. She's angry and says I'm being childish. AITA?

Let's find out.

forestfairygremlin writes:

OP, YTA. But it's not for ~not liking~ the Sailor Moon-themed sheets. Its for making your wife do all the cooking and cleaning and then thinking you get any say at all in how those chores turn out.

Hilary13 writes:

NTA. I think OP is picking this particular fight because he doesn’t feel any creative ownership of his home. OP, you could just have a talk about this kindly and buy some sheets and decor that you so like.

Well, is OP TA?

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