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Sisters pushing 30 become rival brides; youngest demands,'ME FIRST.' AITA?

Sisters pushing 30 become rival brides; youngest demands,'ME FIRST.' AITA?


When this woman is annoyed with her sister, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for getting married before my sister?

My elder sister got engaged earlier this year and I got engaged 3 months later. She’s nearly 30 and I am 26. The idea was for her to get married in May next year and I was to get married in September.

She has been incredibly indecisive with her venue and dates and it’s taken her 10 months to sort it out and I was told I cannot even book mine without her booking it first.

As she’s my sister I decided to wait but the constant back and forth with her venue and dates has been really stressing me out. I need to provide notice to my work and look for a new job as I’ll be moving cities. I also want to start my life with my fiancé.

She then decided to go ahead and finalise this date with her fiancé by putting a deposit down in September. She didn’t tell me about this despite her knowing I wanted to get married in September. I’ve told my fiancé about this and he said well we can get married in May/June, as we wanted nice weather and anything past September will just be cold.

I spoke to my sister about this, and said how we will be looking at June dates and she was so angry with me but when I explained my reasons she said “ it is what it is I guess”.

My fiancé has now put the deposit down but my sister is now again really angry that I’ve booked my venue before hers as she’s older and got engaged first.

I did tell her before putting the deposit down for June but she’s incredibly upset with me and said she doesn’t even care about her wedding anymore because I’ve decided to go before her. She said I’ve disrespected her and ruined her big day. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

janetinspain writes:

NTA she's being a bridezilla. No bride gets to control a whole year and not allow anyone else around them to marry. Set your date and do your own thing. Or elope and use the money you save for a downpayment on a house.

ohsheawkward writes:

She doesn’t even care about her wedding because you’re getting married before her??? Yeah, that says everything right there. She’s not even invested in her relationship. She just cares about attention. NTA. Enjoy your wedding!!!

maryfriendly writes:

Why are some women like this? It's just a wedding. Is your sister a princess? Is there some sort of royal douchebaggery that must be followed? Is she secretly ill with some mysterious disease that will rot her from the inside out if someone else dares to get married before her? No.

She's just an insecure little girl who has put way too much importance on her BIG DAY and thinks the entire goddamned world revolves around her. It's ridiculous. She's ridiculous. Her attitude is ridiculous and she needs to grow the hell up.

No one is disrespecting her by getting married before her. She's just immature and is treating this like some sort of competition.

If the marriage mattered as much to her as her wedding does, she'd be focusing on ensuring their wedding is special for the two people who matter in that equation: her and her spouse. A wedding is a stepping stone. Its a mile marker. It's one small part of a much bigger picture and if she continues to act like its end goal her marriage won't last.

Stop telling your sister what you're doing. Just do it. Otherwise she is going to ruin your wedding with her shitty attitude and selfishness. Stop bending to her will. Stop cowering before her moods. If she continues to act like an asshole don't invite her.

Looks like OP is NTA here. Any advice for her?

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