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Man thinks professional meetings with realtor are dates, gets duped into buying wrecked home.

Man thinks professional meetings with realtor are dates, gets duped into buying wrecked home.


"TIFU by falling for my realtor"


I’ve been in the market to buy a home for the past year or two, but with interest rates being so high I wasn’t in a rush to buy. Anyway, I (m 28) ended up meeting my real estate agent when I went out with friends to a popular local beer garden. She is attractive and I recall her being very flirty. I mentioned I was in the market for a home, and we ended up exchanging numbers at some point.

We end up going on what I thought were several dates, and FWIW, I’m very shy and haven’t had a lot of experience dating. We would meet up after work for a drink or two, and mostly chat about non-real-estate topics.

This is why I thought that maybe she was interested in dating (we never kissed or anything, although she would sometimes touch my arm or shoulder in what seemed like a more-than-friends way). She did always seem really busy though, and couldn’t stay for more than 30 minutes or so most of the time.

After our third “date”, she told me about this amazing home that just came on the market that met most of my criteria and was close to my budget. The house was move-in ready, really all I needed to do was change the paint in a couple of the rooms (the seller renovated and used DARK blue paint upstairs - is this a trend now ??)

I toured the place and quickly decided I loved it and had to buy it. In hindsight I wonder if I was more excited about my realtor / trying to impress her than the actual house… Anyway, I decided to put an offer in, and this is where my first warning flag should have been obvious.

She mentioned that there was just an open house the day before I viewed the property, and they were expecting at least a handful of offers from that. When I looked on Zillow I noticed the property was on the market for 17 days, which I thought was odd that they waited so long to do the open house to get offers (yes, first time home buyer…)

When deciding on the offer terms, she insisted that if I was serious and not kicking the tires, I had to 1) put 10% hand money down, 2) offer at least a little over asking price, and 3) waive the inspection contingency. I’ve had a few friends get into bidding wars and lose many offers, and they started waiving inspection contingencies, so it didn’t seem all that unreasonable at the time.

I ended up doing 5% hand money, $5K over ask, and waived the inspection. BIG MISTAKE. Fast forward to the inspection, they found the foundation was shifting, and after getting a quote it would cost somewhere around ~$15,000 to fix. Which, ironically enough, was less than the hand money I put down.

I begrudgingly decided to move forward, because everything else about the home I liked. Everything else was fairly normal, except one thing stuck out to me at closing and it seemed like my agent and the seller were “friends” as when I walked in it sounded like they were chatting about something completely unrelated to real estate.

Closing went through, I moved in, and other than the foundation surprise, have been pretty happy with the place. The realtor never was able to meet up again for drinks, surprise surprise, after closing.

Fast forward to last weekend, and I saw the seller from closing out at that same beer garden with his arm around my realtor !!!! She came up to me and said that oh they met at closing and blah blah blah but I’m calling BS.

I have no way of proving anything, but lesson learned, NEVER waive inspection contingencies, and don’t fall for anyone who is making money off their interaction with you. I feel so embarrassed in hindsight.

Edit: As many of you agree with in the comments, I made a huge mistake by waiving the inspection - hopefully others can learn from my mistake!

2nd Edit: Lol @ comments suggesting to use the AI real estate agent Joy next time. Yes, I guess I wouldn't have fallen for an AI.

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waiving inspection is probably the single dumbest possible thing for a purchase > 250k. wild.


Check your states real estate laws, its very possible that if there was a relationship there prior to her getting you to buy the house that and that wasn’t disclosed that could be illegal so, I would check your laws.


Sounds like she closed more than one deal.


Sounds like this gentleman miscalculated her interest rate 😊


Oldest trick in the book. This is why sales reps are often attractive women who wear low cut dress suits and pencil skirts. Once guys are not thinking with their head will do whatever they tell them.

I worked for a clinical system for a few years and the most successful sales rep was an attractive lady with big boobs, and any day she had a sales meeting she'd come in wearing a tight top and a skirt with a slit that nearly showed off even more.

Poor guy. If you could give him any advice, what would you say?

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