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Wife locks romance novels away from intrusive husband. AITA?

Wife locks romance novels away from intrusive husband. AITA?


When this wife is annoyed with her invasive husband, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for locking up my romance novels so my husband can’t throw them away?"

I love romance. To be clear, I don’t enjoy self inserts or wish fulfillment romance where I’m the target. I love reading about two individuals falling in love and the idea of eternal love.

I read a lot of romance books. I also enjoy josei manga, webtoons, comics, and short stories.

My husband recently started having an issue with my romance items. He says they are “in the way.” I keep my books on one bookshelf. I have my own iPad (though I prefer physical books). I have my own library card and account.

I do my half of the chores, pay my half of the bills, and do my part around the house. The romance books are not affecting his life in any way. But he hates them.

He made a comment about throwing them out and having a fresh start. So, I bought a small cabinet/dresser with a lock on it from Amazon and locked up all of my novels. My husband tried opening the door of one and found out it was locked.

Now he is upset and guilt tripping me, saying that I don’t trust him and that I care more about my romance novels than him. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

bamf1701 writes:

NTA. Your husband shouldn't be thinking of throwing out things that belong to you - no matter what percentage of the bills either of you pay - especially without talking to you or getting your permission.

And the fact that he knows that the cabinet is locked is a pretty damning sign that he was seriously thinking of following through with his threat - so you were right in not trusting him.

profesional7 writes:

You need to sit down and talk to your husband about why he feels so threatened by romance books because honestly, that's a bit weird.

I'm very protective of my books. I literally own my very own mini library and it's still gets added to to this day. So I would also do what you have done if someone eve made the slightest comment about harming my books.

So, NTA for being protective of your books but I would also sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with your husband about why he's so against your romance books.

I can honestly think of much worse books to keep around than just some romance books that take up what? 1 book shelf? Better not reveal a lot of other people (especially me with several large totes filled with books) own a much larger collection of books.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

Sources: Reddit
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