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Woman accused of 'EMOTIONALLY BLACKMAILING' half-sister's entire family. AITA?

Woman accused of 'EMOTIONALLY BLACKMAILING' half-sister's entire family. AITA?


When this woman is furious with her half sister, she asks Reddit:

'WIBTA for telling my half sister’s new family that she kind of assumed my identity?'

I (F25) have a half sister (F24), called ‘Hannah’. I suppose from our ages the circumstances of her birth are very obvious, and because of this and the subsequent drama, she was never in my life growing up.

I would say I’ve met her less than 10 times in my life. When she was 16 she started consistently reaching out to me via social media but I was never interested. This stopped when we were about 20.

Since then, I mostly forgot about about her existence until she reached out to me again at the start of this year, saying she’d got engaged. She wanted me to come to her engagement party and help her get in contact with the rest of my dad’s side of the family.

I told her I wasn’t interested but I did ask the rest of the family (granddad, aunts, cousins) if they wanted me to put them in touch with her and they said no, so I told her that, too.

About a week later I got a message on social media from her fiancé, digging me out for how I treated her. He told me he understood that it was tough being the product of an affair and he gets that I would be jealous of her since I was shunned by the family, but that she felt terrible about it and had always wanted a relationship with me. I was as confused as I was angry because he had the entire story ars backwards.

I forwarded the messages to Hannah with a question mark and she admitted that her fiancé and his whole family don’t know that she is affair baby, that they think she stayed in contact with Dad’s family, that she went to the schools and university and basically lived the life I did. I didn’t blast her for the lies, I just told her that if I ever heard from any of the people in her life again, I would tell them the truth.

The months went by. A few days ago, I received more messages, from the fiancé and the fiancé’s sister, calling me a heartless b%&ch for refusing Hannah’s attempts at contact. The sister said I needed to get over my jealousy of Hannah.

The fiancé called me a spiteful witch for ‘emotionally blackmailing’ Hannah’s dad into not going to the wedding. It took everything in me not to reply and read the lot of them to filth.

So, now I’m contemplating whether I would be the AH for messaging them back with the truth. It can’t go on like this, I told Hannah to handle her business and she didn’t. Also, her lies are pretty creepy.

She’s marrying a guy who has no idea who she is. Then again, it’s not like she sent these people after me, so maybe I would be the AH for tearing apart her whole life over something that isn’t technically her fault.

Let's see what internet users had to say.

adrenalineanxiety writes:

NTA. Tell them the truth and block them all. You're not tearing her life apart, she is. It is technically her fault that she lied to everyone. She not only lied but she outed you, and after having some family harrass you, she still didn't tell them the truth and let more family harrass you.

\She is perpetuating the lies even knowing you know she's lying, and she's adding more lies - she's now making them think things are your fault! This is 100% on her.

Write up a message that's the truth, simple and honest. And then block anyone who contacts you from her side of the family.

gizaaa writes:

NTA - You have warned her, and you have made it quite clear. Why should he be hounded for her own lies and guilt. Give her the ultimatum one more time, and should it continue, tell the truth only if it is not possible for you to block them all.

cookies2 writes:

NTA she’s feeding them this bs about how you’re the reason to continue with her elaborate lies. Idk how she thought she was going to get away with this when she’s never been apart of your life or your dads family.

Simply take a SS of you asking her about the first message and send the fiancé that. If her relationship blows up, that’s not your fault. She’s the one entering a marriage based on lies. To be honest, her fiancé deserves to know the truth and who he’s marrying.

Looks like OP is NTA! Any advice for her?

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