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Woman accused of having 'flirty' exchange with BIL on Instagram. AITA?

Woman accused of having 'flirty' exchange with BIL on Instagram. AITA?


When this woman is accused by her sister of being inappropriate, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for replying to my brother in law on Instagram?"

I have a shared Instagram account with my husband and we post our lifestyle, food, travels etc. A few weeks ago, my brother in law asked my husband about some FIFA game stuff and they ended up adding each other on Instagram and started to talk and share videos of people playing video games.

Yesterday my BIL wrote about some online tournament and I replied saying my husband is busy and will probably reply this weekend as he is rarely online, and that the best way to contact him is WhatsApp if it is urgent.

From this message started a short discussion where he asked me where was my last post taken, and he said my skirt was really nice but « so tiny 🥵 ». I said « it’s not that short 😂🫣 » and I said where was the restaurant. He said « looks like it’s very tiny 😏 » and I said « 😅 » and it ended like this .

This morning my sister (she is 36, I am 26) sent me a 4-minute voice message saying she can’t believe I didn’t tell her that i have her husband on Instagram and she is shocked to see that i text him at night and talk about my outfits and my skin showing.

I cried so much and could barely defend myself, and I feel she assumes I am guilty because I had no argument to defend myself. My husband told me to slow down and that we will see tonight after work how we can go back, but I feel so hurt that I thought I would write here. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

strawberryfae6 writes:

YTA. You shouldn’t have replied in the first place and on top of it all you send flirty emojis. So yeah, I understand your sister anger. The second a married man starts to talk about your outfit being “so tiny” you stop replying and go tell their wife and your husband. I think you’re playing the victim card here. You know you did wrong.

xenglignblade writes:

NTA but I can see why your sister is upset. Your BIL was openly flirting with you. Your response was neutral but not shutting it down and not bringing it up to either your husband or sister makes the situation more awkward.

Stand your ground and tell your sister that you can't control what your BIL says and she needs to talk to HIM if she doesn't like what he says. Take screenshots and then block him, he sounds like trouble.

happybanana8 writes:

YTA. I don't want to call you an AH because I don't believe this was intentional, but your sister has every right to be upset by this. Her husband was being flirtatious with you and you did engage with this. You didn't shut it down and that is a problem.

Jury's out. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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