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Woman asks if she's wrong to ask BF to get allergy shot so she can keep cat.

Woman asks if she's wrong to ask BF to get allergy shot so she can keep cat.


It can be tough to live with a S O, especially when they don't like your pet. When that's the case for this internet user, she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for asking my boyfriend to get an allergy shot so I can keep my cat?'

My boyfriend (m22) and I (f22) just starting living together about 2 months ago. First time ever out on “my own”. My parents are separated and my dad had my cat because he fell in love with her, but he has since moved in with someone who can not have cats (just doesn’t like them).

So my mom is currently looking after her.

She’s becoming a lot to handle for her as she’s also raising her grand child (my niece) and asked if I could take her. My boyfriend is allergic to cats, not deathly, but enough to get pretty stuffed up.

I have asked him if he would consider getting an allergy shot (once a month, covered by OHIP). We’ve been together two years and I don’t feel I’m asking very much. If it wasn’t covered and we had to pay for it, that’s another story.

But he’s getting mad because he thinks I’m picking the cat over him and it’s just smh. I care about his health, hence why I’ve asked him about the shot. AITA?

Let's find out.

solaris67 writes:

YTA. It's not fair to expect him to get continous shots because you don't care about his allergy. If you had the cat and he moved in and wanted you to get rid of it, that's different. But he was there first and you want to take in the cat.

Bicogenergy8 writes:

NTA. It’s not an unreasonable ask, but I will say this. As someone who is extremely allergic to almost all animals, those allergy shots are not 100% effective.

Also, I’m assuming that you aren’t aware of any extreme phobia of needles that your boyfriend has haha. I think you guys should just talk about it, he’ll probably realize that it’s really not a big deal. Personally I would’ve reacted the same at first, because take it from me, allergies are absolutely fucking miserable.

ramowry makes this controversial point:

NTA … but for everyone in the comments thinking it’s crazy to ask someone you are in a relationship to take medication, have you forgot about birth control. I still think people have bodily autonomy but let’s not forget that wanting a woman your dating to be on birth control is very normal.

Well, jury's out! What do YOU think?

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