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Woman asks if she's wrong to park in disabled parking spot for her mother. AITA?

Woman asks if she's wrong to park in disabled parking spot for her mother. AITA?


When this person feels like they may have made a mistake, they ask Reddit:

"AITA? Parking in a disabled parking spot for my mom?"

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went shopping. To give a little background, my mom had a hip replacement a few years back. She was one month away of throwing the crutches away when she fell and broken her femure bone just below where the prosthesis stops.

Long story short, she is now permanently on a crutch because her one leg is shorter than the other and her fifth vertibra in her back is also causing issues due to this. She's 72, but looks more 50-ish, even acts that way.

When we go shopping she always pushes the trolley because it helps with her back and the limping as she doesn't get tired while walking then. So I parked in the disabled spot because I don't want her to walk far.

I walked passed a colleague with her family just as we came from the shop and who then teased me that I was taking a disabled persons parking, claimed they just saw my mom walking upright while pushing the trolley so in their eyes there was nothing wrong with her. Also, my mom stays with me and uses my car so no need for a disabled sticker.

I explained to her about my mom's condition and to not always make assumptions, but she already told everyone her side of the story and they are all now laughing at me. I now ignore her because of that and only speak to her about work while we had a good relationship. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

dinosnuggler writes:

So your car does NOT have a disabled tag? And yet you parked in the disabled spot? Regardless of whether or not your mom needs the spot, you are just asking for a hefty ticket or even to get towed. Have your mom apply for a disabled tag. In the meantime, drop your mom off up front and then park the car legally in a normal spot. YTA.

adone8433 writes:

YTA and I hope you get towed and fined. If your mother's condition is as you state, then getting a disabled parking permit is easy. It's so easy that there is no reason not to get one. If you don't have a pass, you don't park there. Period.

logicalvariation writes:

If your mom is disabled, she needs the sticker. Either get a temporary one that you use only when your mom is with you or get a permanent one and just only use it with your mom. But, without the stickers, you can be fined and subject to vitriol for violating social contracts. YTA.

Looks like OP is TA here. What do YOU think?

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