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Woman asks if she's wrong to 'stalk' boyfriend's 'Boys' Night Out.'

Woman asks if she's wrong to 'stalk' boyfriend's 'Boys' Night Out.'


It's hard to be in a relationship, but it's even harder when you don't trust the person. When this girlfriend feels like she can't trust her boyfriend and decides to physically stalk him, she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA For showing up to my bfs hotel to check on him when he said he was hanging with coworkers?'

hellhol3 writes:

I (21)F have been dating my bf (21)M for almost 5 years we've had our ups and down in the past but only 3 really big arguments all of which involved his questionable relationships with other women.

We've drawn the line on what we both view as cheating and what isn't we both agreed sexting is a no. But after catching him msging explicit role-playing with someone he said he viewed as a sister things have been tense.

He's gone off in the middle of the night to stay the night At a hotel a city over abt 2 hours away to smoke with a girl. He ended up having both of us drive back together in the morning because he lost his wallet, I was already upset with the circumstances but he told me nothing happened, he said he was never on the bed with her but his wallet happened to be found under the sheets.

That's what'd started a lot of my distrust with him. Just 2 months ago really pushed us off the deep end we were going strong having a great year honestly no issues but Id discovered he was msging anoutger woman and shed exchanged photos, Id seen msgs of him promising to do what he says he'd do to get off she deleted and unsaved the msgs.

I haven't felt the same about him since it's hard to look at him and see a person I can't respect him but I can't help but care for him. That brings me to the problem I've created for myself... last night he told me he was going to the beach with his coworkers.

We use life360 and I could see he's been at a hotel for a few hours so I'll admit I was panicked I love him and I had to know for certain before I make any decisions to leave him I know im toxic and struggle with letting people out of my life regardless of a relationship so I went, I wasn't going to confront him or anything I just needed to know for my sake.

I thought turning my phone off turned the tracking off but it didn't karma on me. But I don't feel it was too outlandish to just stop by and check on him I drove by waited a bit then left once the shame set in.

Little did I know the damage was done. He had blew up my phone with calls and texts about me not trusting him to have a boys night out.

How I ruined his night and now all his co workers know his business. When I returned his call he offten yells and curses at me I know it's not right but doesn't affect me much anymore.

But I don't see what I did as terrible he's pulled up to check on me before I had no issue so why did he blow up like that?

I wasn't the one to told all his co workers or make a scene but I know I can be biased. Was I wrong for pulling threw to see him? First post so apologies its all over the place still pretty embarrassed with myself and frustrated with how the situation was handled. AITA?

Well, hard to say. What a bizarre situation. Let's see what the Reddit mob had to say.

bumblebee76 writes:

NTA- but it’s surprising you can hear yourself think with all the alarms going off all over the place. You clearly don’t trust him and I’m not sure you’re wrong about it. You need to step back and really see if this relationship can be fixed and if it’s even worth fixing. Moving on may be a better plan.

jesstheprequel makes this counterpoint:

YTA. This relationship is insanely toxic. People will treat you the way that you let them. You allow him to treat you this way; it’s not going to stop. It’s time to strap on your big girl shoes and step out of his life.

tibbarssnook writes:

NTA. So you tracked his location to check up on him which he discovered because he tracked your location. And you are the only one with trust issues? He's an AH and he's been gaslighting you. You're not crazy for not trusting him when he's cheated before.

Well, there you have it. It looks like no one knows what to make of this toxic relaysh. Is OP the AH, or was she driven mad by her insane boyfriend? What do YOU think?

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