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Woman seeks revenge on MIL for ruining pizza by accusing her of wearing fake Cartier.

Woman seeks revenge on MIL for ruining pizza by accusing her of wearing fake Cartier.


Watch out folks. This family drama is a real doozy. This PO'ed daughter in law asks Reddit:

'AITA for saying my MIL's Cartier bracelet was probably fake?'

This has been causing so much family drama. I kind of forgot how much my husband's family loves money until we got into this argument.

We were at a food truck festival and there was a conflict with MIL's fiancé which ended in my waffle pizza getting wet. I know it sounds dumb, but it's the little things in life. MIL fed her fiancé something off of her spoon.

My husband made a joke about don't put that in your mouth she is disgusting and probably diseased. MIL's fiancé got mad and threw water which got the waffle pizza wet.

I asked him to replace it and he laughed. I said whatever but he has to replace it. He started name calling us both and talking about how we make fun of MIL too much. I said if he is such a hot shot lawyer, he must have $9.

He opened his wallet and he didn't have much cash, but had his cards and the place took cards. He tossed two dollar bills at me and called me a little bitch.

Due to this none of us are on good terms. Yesterday we were at an engagement party for a relative and everyone was oohing and awwing over MIL's stupid cartier bracelet that he got her for her birthday. MIL's puppet asked if I liked it.

I shrugged and said it is probably fake because the dude doesn't even have $9.

SILs were laughing but the older generation got pissed. He called my husband some names and made fun of his job, and now MIL's mom isn't speaking to me. AITA?

Let's find out. This story is so weird....

amandaducktan writes:

Nah NTA. What you did is called a callback. Great comeback they need to calm down.

zestyclosemeeting8 writes:

YTA and so is your husband. He called his own mother diseased and disgusting and you expected her and her fiancé to take it lying down?

ramennoodles87 writes:

YTA. You suck for going out of your way to insult people. Especially MIL and her bracelet. All you had to say was it looks nice. There is a lot of room in between oohing and awwing and calling it fake. Also, what is a waffle pizza.

Well, what IS a waffle pizza? Is OP TA? Is the MIL? Is the pizza? What are your thoughts on this weird fam drama?

Sources: Reddit
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