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Man asks if he's wrong to discourage cousin from getting face tattoo.

Man asks if he's wrong to discourage cousin from getting face tattoo.


It's good to help your family, but what if you're being rude whild doing it? When this woman thinks her cousin's tattoo idea is stupid she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for telling my cousins that it a stupid idea for her girlfriend to get her name tattooed on her face ?'

I'm a (M22). Ok so all the cousins where hanging out in their hotel room after coming from my aunts destination wedding.We all just had fun all day and we where chilling waiting for the pizza to come. I tried to be nice to this cousin because I didn’t really know her well and when I talked to her she never really responded and kinda looked at me.

I was annoyed because I was having fun with all my cousins except her it was pissing me off because I hate when people just don’t answer when I talk to them.So I stop trying to be nice to her and didn’t talk to her.As we where all chilling waiting for the pizza to come she brought of the tattoo idea (getting a matching face tattoo with her girlfriend) and I said “that literally so dumb”.

Which in defense I feel like could have came off harsh but everyone that knows me knows I have literally no filters and I’m gonna tell you the honest truth about something. She kinda just sat there and looked sad.

My sister told me it’s her choice to get matching face tattoos and to let her do what she want.I fell like I’m totally in the right it is a dumb idea and too risky.I have nothing against face tattoo some look really cool but I don’t like matching tattoos I never will.I don’t feel like I was too harsh but Am I the asshole ??

Well, let's find out.

loudcream6324 writes:

NTA. OP is totally right. Tattooing someone's name on your face is one one of the dumbest things I've heard in a while. Only knew one person that and he was a price of trash and a skinhead.

yellinintomypillow writes:

YTA. Im over people using being “honest and direct” as an excuse to be blunt and rude. It’s shitty and lame. Hopefully this kid hears this enough times as he grows up and he learns to communicate in ways that dont hurt other humans.

This specific story is a small example in the grand scheme of things but I know way too many shitty humans who use “iM jUsT hOnEsT” to be assholes. So imma keep telling anyone I see do this or defend this exactly what I’m saying in these comments.

scathinghagfish writes:

NTA. Getting anything tattooed on your face is fucking stupid. She would get it done, regret it soon afterwards, and then email that nobody tried to stop her from making a bad decision.

Well, there you have it. Unclear whether or not OP is TA. What do YOU think?

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