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Woman fights husband's friend's MOH in public two months before wedding. AITA?

Woman fights husband's friend's MOH in public two months before wedding. AITA?


When this woman gets into a fight, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for fighting my husband’s, best friend’s, maid of honor?'

I am a 29 (F) and my husband is 27 (M), and we have a very healthy and happy marriage. There is a girl, we will call her Amanda 23 (F), who has had feelings for my husband since high school.

He has repeatedly told her that he was not interested in being in a relationship with her for years. In 2020, one year before we met, they had seggs one time and never did anything after that.

Fast forward a couple years later, his best friend (the bride) from high school is getting married and Amanda is the maid of honor and my husband is a groomsmen. I was a little uncomfortable since I knew the past between Amanda and my husband, but I trust my husband to not do anything so I sucked it up and decided to be civil for the wedding events.

Two months before the wedding, Amanda decided to message my husband twice asking him if she could be his sneaky link and that I did not need to find out. Thankfully on both occasions, my husband told her that he will not betray my trust like that and he will never ever consider cheating on me, and to never message him again.

Amanda decided to gaslight my husband saying that “he ain’t sh&t” and all kind of other derogatory things.

My husband and I decided to talk to his best friend and her fiancé about the situation, and how uncomfortable it made us that she tried to get my husband to cheat on me. We told her that I will not be going to the bachelorette party to avoid any drama but I will still attend the wedding and I will be civil so the bride and groom can still enjoy their day.

A few days later, the maid of honor texted both me and my husband cussing us out for talking to the bride and her fiancé about what she did, and that we were selfish for trying to ruin the wedding events and wedding itself. She also commented that it doesn’t matter what she does because she was the best friend of the bride.

At that point, I couldn’t contain my anger towards her anymore and I let her have a piece of my mind. The conversation ended in me telling her “How sad of a person do you have to be to try and have se% with people who are already in a relationship? Like are you really having that hard of a time to get your own man? But I guess no one wants to be in a relationship with the town wh@re”.

After the fight between me and the maid of honor. His best friend (the bride) messaged my husband about the drama that was going on. They had a big blow up fight because the bride was unwilling to just talk to her Maid of Honor to stop trying to talk to my husband.

The end result was that my husband stepped down as a groomsmen and cut off all communication with the entire friend group.

I feel so bad that my husband felt like he had to walk away from his entire friend group. So am I the AH for fighting with the maid of honor, one to two months away from the wedding? Should I have just sucked up my pride and continued to be civil?

Let's see what readers thought.

kyotodream writes:

NTA. Good because that whole friend group is bad company. Having Amanda as a friend and keeping her in the wedding party while knowingly she wants to sleep with a married man is bizarre. Where’s the principle in that? Its like they’re consenting to her behavior. Her standing by the altar doesn’t scream loyalty, faithfulness but homewrecker.

almalau writes:

NTA .Amanda's behaviour was extremely inappropriate. You guys told the bride about these issues as the reason for you no longer attending the bachelorette party and you were still planning to attend the wedding. The fact Amanda freaked out at you when she found out that you talked to the bride is telling.

She could also have though to herself: 'Oh wow, word of my behaviour got around and yeah, I guess I was out of line.' and then just kept to herself that the bride had talked to her about it.

But now, she doubled down and started a fight with you two. You told her what you saw and I think that's fair after she continued causing problems.

doomspark writes:

NTA - and good on your husband for stepping away. Y'all don't need that drama llama (Amanda) around, and if she's the bride's bestie, then she'd always be on the fringes of your gatherings. I have no respect for anyone who makes a move on someone who is already in a relationship. That's lower than dirt.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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