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Woman freaks after reading husband's will; says, 'My STEPDAUGHTER'S getting the house?' AITA?

Woman freaks after reading husband's will; says, 'My STEPDAUGHTER'S getting the house?' AITA?


"AITA for being mad that my step daughter will inherit our house?"

My husband (65) and I (47) have been married for 10 years. After my husband’s retirement party, the discussion of wills and inheritance came up and my husband informed me that he is leaving our marital home to his daughter (30) in his will which left me feeling completely blindsided and shocked.

I am aware that due to our significant age difference, I will mostly likely outline husband by many years and will probably have to spend the last decades of my life alone. So I was really upset but also angry to learn I will most likely be kicked out of our house after my husband’s death and left homeless.

My husband explained to me that I knew the house belonged to his late wife who inherited it from her parents and that I couldn’t possibly expect him not to leave his house to their daughter.

I replied that the house now belongs to him and as his wife I have a right to my marital home and it’s not fair that I will be kicked out of our home after...

I spend so much time and effort redecorating it and making it my own and become homeless after his death because I am a housewife and have nowhere else to go, he has an obligation to ensure my financial safety after his death.

He said that it will be incredibly unfair to his daughter and his late wife if I inherit the house and his wife would have never wanted that.

His wife died unexpectedly at a relatively young age before she got around to making a will so my husband automatically got the house as per inheritance laws. He also explained that I am the sole beneficiary of his life insurance and any savings left will be equally divided between me and his daughter.

However, I don’t think this money would be enough for me survive the rest of my life especially as my husband plans on having expensive cruises and holidays for the rest of his retirement.

This is where, unfortunately, our argument escalated and we starting yelling at each other. I told him he is screwing me over after everything I have done for him, after I gave up my job and my career for him to look after our home and that I deserve to be compensated.

He retorted that he never asked me to become a housewife and it was completely my own choice, that I knew the risks and benefits and made an informed choice and he will be leaving a reasonable inheritance and if I am not happy with it I should go back to work.

I told him I never knew that I wouldn’t get the house and that it’s late for me to return after being out for over 10 years. That he is an a**hole for leaving me stranded like this and that this is not what I agreed to and he is being a sexist prick by not recognising my contribution to our family.

He laughed at me, saying I never any kind of financial contribution, as we hired cleaners and housekeepers to do most of the chores and if anything I was a drain by all the money I spend.

Honestly at this point I was so enraged and in tears, I screamed at him he is being completely cruel to m and locked myself in the guest room. So AITA for wanting the house if my husband dies before me?

Let's see what readers thought about this one.

carelessability8 writes:

ESH. You for Both for assuming anything and then pitching a fit. Is your name on the home? If he inherited it before your marriage, is it really 'marital ' property? You're 47 and totally capable of working.Your husband is a jerk for the way he spoke to you and said you didn't contribute anything.

samu2020 writes:

YTA— the house belonged to his late wife. It’s not his. It absolutely should go to THEIR daughter and not you. You knew when you married him the house was legally from his wife. It absolutely should not be a shock to you.

scifiguy writes:

YTA. IT IS NOT YOUR HOUSE. He explained it to you. It was his first wife’s house and his reasoning for giving it to his daughter is sound (it was HER GRANDPARENTS’ HOUSE for goodness sake, it SHOULD stay in the family).

Would you leave it to her when you died? Or would she lose out on the property HER mom inherited? And 47 is NOT too old to go back to work. Heck I know people who change careers at that age. So stop with your excuses.

Looks like OP is a bit of an AH. What do YOU think?

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