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Woman furious when she finds out how much fiancé spent on her engagement ring. AITA?

Woman furious when she finds out how much fiancé spent on her engagement ring. AITA?


When this woman is disappointed in her engagement ring, she asks Reddit:

'AITAH for being upset with what my fiancé only spent on my engagement ring?'

I’ve been with my boyfriend (now fiancée) for 2 years. He was previously in a relationship that lasted 6 years. They got engaged a couple years in and he spent $1200 on the first ring. She didn’t like the size and shape so he saved up and bought her a $6000 ring!

At the time the story didn’t affect me and I didn’t think much of it. Fast forward we’re talking about getting engaged he asks my moms blessing and starts showing everyone the ring and getting all excited so it was making me so excited to see it finally.

The day came and we went for a little canyon drive and he parked in a beautiful spot and he got down on one knee and proposed. He pulled the ring out and it was heart shaped with an infinity sign.

There was no diamonds just sterling silver. I still put on a smile and teard up because it was special later that day my family saw the ring and got frustrated and said a ring is a statement of how much someone values you and it got into my head my mom dug around and found the exact same ring on Amazon for $12.99.

I was heartbroken. He makes incredible money and didn’t mention anything about the ring being temporary. I started crying and went home and brought it up to him and he got defensive and I dropped the subject. He said I made him feel like shit. Am I the asshole for not just being happy with it? AITA?

Let's see what readers had to say.

deliciouskitty65 writes:

YTA. There might be a thousand reasons why he picked that ring that have nothing to do with the price.

Maybe it reminded him of you, or he was more invested in the symbolism of an eternal heart than the price, or he is going to use the money he saved on the ring on a fabulous honeymoon....maybe he just thinks someone who loves him wouldn't be emotionally invested in making him spend money to prove his love.

Whatever the reason, if you aren't happy to marry him with a $13 dollar ring you shouldn't be marrying the guy. Money comes and goes, but what he is proposing is a lifetime partnership.

admirablescale6 writes:

Ugh, this is a tough call. I'm going with NTA. An engagement ring traditionally has a stone in it, generally and most popularly, a diamond. Trends now are steering away from diamonds and other stones are now used. There's nothing about this ring that says engagement.

That sounds more like a gift, say birthday, Valentine's Day, or Christmas. I can see why you were disappointed. Every girl dreams of the day she gets engaged and the glorious ring that is presented to her.

I think his reasoning behind his choice to give you that one is from his being gun shy with how his last engagement went down. But I think it's pretty shitty of him to tie you in with that and give you something (a lot) lesser than.

environemental8 writes:

Have you ever discussed getting engaged? I mean, he probably lost a lot of money when those situations didn't work out, so he's got trauma to deal with.

That being said, $12.99 is pretty .... low. If you were complaining about carat size or something I would probably answer this differently.

I think you are NTA. I would be upset too. That doesn't mean, though, that I think he needs to go out and spend thousands on a ring.

So, IS OP TA here? What do YOU think?

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