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Woman asks if she was wrong to get boyfriend arrested for stealing tuition money.

Woman asks if she was wrong to get boyfriend arrested for stealing tuition money.


When you're in a relationship with someone you trust them to have your best interests at heart, however sometimes the ones you're closest to can betray you the most.

Reddit user u/Personal-Muddy has been working multiple jobs to pay for her tuition, in one night her boyfriend took it all from her. Jeopardizing everything she's worked so hard for. She called the police and he was arrested, but now she's wondering if she went too far.

She's asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for getting my boyfriend arrested?'

I’ll just get straight to it. I’m a college student and this is my last semester until medical school. I’ve never been able to get a loan I’ve worked 5 1/2 years to get this degree because I have to pay out of pocket so it takes way longer. I’ve worked two sometimes three jobs at a time and barely had a social life.

For this upcoming semester, I reached my goal for tuition so I quit one of my jobs so I could relax a bit. I was a server/bartender at two bars and an office job so I always have cash hidden in my apartment in my closet in a box and before the semester starts a week or two before I deposit it so I can pay my tuition.

My boyfriend sometimes stays over while I’m there or when I’m not. Since I’ve been saving for this semester he’s the only one who’s been over I’ve never told him about the box but he knows I have to pay for school.

Well, yesterday night I get home to put money in the box because I was gonna deposit it today and it’s all gone. I freaked out and tore my apartment up thinking I put it somewhere else knowing I didn’t. I called my boyfriend like crazy no answer. I didn’t sleep last night I was panicking.

Then this morning he finally calls me back, I’m yelling at him about my money he’s acting all confused and like I’m crazy. He comes over I’m still pissed off after a while he finally admits he took it so he can borrow and he’ll pay me back.

Where tf is he gonna get $14,000 from in two weeks?! I went into a rage and called the police and reported a theft because that is what he did. Well, it’s been hours now I guess he got his phone call because his family has been blowing my phone up and his mother has said some really hurtful and racist things to me.

They’ve been harassing me for the past 6 hours now it’s stressing me out even more and I hate that I’m feeling bad for him but he stole my money that I’ve been saving for months.

His brother did call and he was respectful and said they’ll help him pay it back and I should just go to the police station with him and tell them I want to drop the charges but I really don’t believe them. I could do that and never get my money back still. I don’t know what to do and I hate that I’m contemplating doing this. I’m just really pissed off and have been crying all fucking day.

This woman has been working her tail off doing 3 jobs to put herself through school and her boyfriend snatches every penny in one fell swoop? He's lucky that all she did was call the police. Obviously, she is NOT 'The A**hole' here, but she will be one to herself if she doesn't press charges and dump this guy for good. No one who steals your hard-earned tuition money cares about you. His family can take a flying leap unless they put 14 grand in her hands immediately.

Reddit users are absolutely enraged about the audacity of this thieving boyfriend. They are all in agreement she's 'NTA' and should not drop the charges against him.

From HouseofRaven

NTA. OP as a criminal defense attorney, DO NOT DROP THE CHARGES. The court can order him to pay restitution forcing him to give it back. Block his entire family and let the DA know they are harassing you.

From Bruiscear

DO NOT DROP THE CHARGES. 14k is a HUGE amount of money. His family is lying. They are not going to pay you back. Your BF's first response was to lie: he only admitted the theft afterward. They will take off and run, and you'll never see him or any of them ever again.

Why would you drop the charges?? He STOLE from you. He deserves to go to prison. Also, If you do drop the charges, it's possible that any insurance you have will be nullified. You might be able to borrow money from somewhere - but they would need to see evidence of your ability to save money - you'll need the police report number as part of this application.

If his family is banging on about paying the money back, tell them that they can sell one of their cars ASAP and pay you back, as courts usually charge interest on money judgments. NTA.

From entropyduelist

This relationship is done. Don't drop the charges until you have $14k in your bank account. As soon as they return the money you can be reasonable but stay strong. This was a horrible violation and you deserve to get that money back. Who BORROWS that much money without asking? This is bananas. Definitely NTA

From usernametaken6000

Don’t drop the criminal charges but also pursue a civil case. If he has a job, they can garnish his wages or put a lien on any other assets. DO NOT DROP THE CHARGES

From Aggressive_Pass845

I would have my own mother arrested if she 'borrowed' $14,000.00 from me without my consent. The fact that its for you tuition makes it so much worse. NTA.

From errkajune

NTA. Break up. Press charges. Get your money. Unless they want to pay you the $14,000 in cash immediately then nah he’s in trouble.

Stealing from u period is wrong. He didn’t take a couple hundred. He took fourteen thousand dollars. $14,000. Stole that…From you knowing it’s your money. The audacity!! That amount is a legal matter at that point.

From Fainora

NTA you didn't get your BF arrested he got himself arrested by stealing from you. Tell his family you will drop the charge when and only when the money is back in your hands.

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