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Woman hides BF's new Macbook as 'prank,' he calls to get delivery driver 'suspended.' UPDATED

Woman hides BF's new Macbook as 'prank,' he calls to get delivery driver 'suspended.' UPDATED


A prank only works if it's actually funny, and the person you're pranking gets a laugh out of it as well. Far too many pranks don't manage this.

In a popular post on the Relationships subreddit, a man shared his frustration over a "prank" his GF pulled on him. He wrote:

"Girlfriend [28F] pulled an insane prank on me [31M] and I'm beyond pissed."

It happened yesterday...I was expecting my new Mac Pro (which I saved a lot for in the past few months) to arrive. It was nearly $6000. I was given a delivery window and of course it was delivered during the window, at a time that I was in the bathroom and didn't notice. My girlfriend collected the package and hid it, so I was left wondering where the package is.

When the delivery window passed, I called the delivery company and they just said that the window is a "guideline" and asked me to call back in an hour, which I did, and after tens of minutes of being on the phone they finally told me that they have called the driver and it's already delivered.

I told them that it's not delivered and the driver is either mistaken or lying, which basically started an argument for maybe 5 minutes where I asked to talk to a supervisor. To make it short, I was on the phone with them for 4 hours telling them that they have either delivered it to a wrong address or that their driver is trying to steal the package.

During this time, my girlfriend looked worried and she even started searching online for misdelivered parcels and even posted on Facebook that this has happened. At the end of the day I was told by the company that they will give me a call the next day to update. I also called Apple and made them look into the situation and they said that they will investigate.

So at almost 7pm, after being pissed off for more than 6 hours, she brought the package and said that it was all a prank. I was beyond pissed and before I could say anything she just said goodbye and left. I'm still beyond her and she's always been very nice but this whole thing was just f#$ked up.

TL;DR. Girifriend hid my new mac pro and led me to believe that it wasn't delivered and I spent hours arguing on the phone with the delivery company.

Redditors had a lot of thoughts about the prank.

Alesandramw wrote:

She handed you the package and just said goodbye and left? It doesn't even seem like she got anything positive out of this including enjoyment so I can't understand why she would choose to do this. I personally despise pranks so seeing you go through that willingly is pretty fucked up. I'm sorry this happened to you.

OP wrote:

She started laughing but when she saw how pissed I was I guess she just decided to call it a day, maybe to avoid an argument?

revcb wrote:

I wonder if she even thought about the delivery person possibly losing their job because of this - being suspected of stealing a $6000 item, which is a felony, thereby possibly initiating a police investigation. Yeah, I'd have a serious talk with her about actions and consequences.

OP responded:

I already have. I've never been this embarrassed in my life.

Imbris wrote:

How long have you been together? Have there been other signs of her lacking...common sense? This is not a prank, this is just a stupid mean act. She wasted your entire day as well as the day of some poor soul at the delivery company. She could have gotten the driver in serious trouble.

A prank is replacing the box with one filled with glitter and handing you the real one as she laughs at the mess you made opening it up. You need to communicate why what she did is ridiculous and terrible and how it made you feel and go from there. I hope she sincerely apologizes.

colakoala200 wrote:

She owes you more than an apology. She owes you an explanation for how she could possibly think letting you be pissed off, stressed out, and worried for six hours is funny. She could have ended the prank at any time. Obviously the right moment to do that if it was just for fun would be as soon as possible after you started getting worked up.

I think this wasn't a prank, it was passive-aggressive behavior masquerading as a prank. She must have some kind of beef with you about something and she's acting out.

A few days later, OP jumped on with an update.

So she apologized to me and explained why she did it. Apparently she and her sister had a bet to pull the most insane prank on their boyfriends. Her sister put salt in her boyfriend's beers, and my girlfriend did what she did so I guess we know who won. She realized how stupid this was.

I also called the delivery company and apologized for everything. Told them that my "friends" had pranked me without any considerations. They were not happy about it and they told me that they had suspended the driver until this issue is resolved. So I guess it cost the poor driver a day's pay. I'm gonna let it pass. It's over now.

Redditors did not hold back their feelings about the update.

okctoss wrote:

Are you f#$king kidding me? YOUR GIRLFRIEND should have called the delivery company and apologized. And she should pay the driver his day's pay.

OP responded:

I honestly called and apologized the next morning, out of concern for the driver. She offered to do it but I had done it already.

Anonymoususer wrote:

An innocent delivery driver, who had done nothing wrong, is suffering from all this and you're gonna 'let it pass'?

OP wrote:

What else can I do? The delivery company didn't accept a reimbursement offer.

ramstart wrote:

Maybe tell her to find the exact driver and apologize for her rudeness, for the trouble she put you and the other guy. Don't they leave who left the package?

OP responded:

I tried getting details of the driver, the company didn't do it and wanted to quote "be done with us."

wvtarheel wrote:

That driver is sitting at home, with his wife and kids, trying to figure out how they are going to pay their bills for the next month if he gets fired. Worrying about being evicted. Wondering how they are going to tell their daughter they can't afford ballet this month because daddy might get fired for something he didn't do. I wonder how much he laughed at her prank?

Her behavior shows a level of selfishness and inability to think about the consequences of her actions that makes me worry about her as a long term partner.

OP responded:

She said she had not at all considered the consequences for the driver, otherwise she wouldn't have done it.

A big yikes all around.

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