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Woman hires professional photographer to take candid photos of her, fiancé offended.

Woman hires professional photographer to take candid photos of her, fiancé offended.


"AITA for hiring an experienced photographer for myself and my partner because my partner can't take good pictures of me?"


Whenever myself (30f) and my fiancé (27m) go on vacation, its only natural to want to take pictures at touristy spots or nice views. My problem is whenever I take pictures of my fiancé and things he likes, I always take good pictures.

If you've ever seen that one YouTube short of why that one western guy always asks asians to take pictures, it's because they are good at taking pictures like 99% of the time. Like we kneel down to make you look taller and take multiple ones and ask you after. That is literally me. If you asked me I'd literally be just like that.

My boyfriend, however, is not good at taking pictures. He's been told he does take good pictures by his parents but, I can assure you, he does not. I have given advice on how to take better pictures and what to do. For example, he doesn't hold the camera straight or if I'm blinking he doesn't check the photos and or there is too much ground and not enough of a sunset, etc.

I show him the difference between my picture of him and his picture of me of the same thing. Like, with a statue or something, and yet he still can't seem to get it right. I know I'm picky and I have a certain aesthetic but hey, I just want nice pictures to show off the places I've been.

Previoudly and precovid era, for my second trip to see my boyfriend for 10 days, I went on my own for 2 hours in LA just to get some nice pictures because I know my fiancé just won't get it right. So, I went onto airbnb to hire an experienced photographer.

So, I suggested I use the same in Tokyo, Japan. I said I'd pay for both of us to get it done but he just seem offended and moody about the whole thing, I mean he did enjoy the experience and the short mini tour and info but after that he was grumpy.

He said he was upset that I didn't like the way he took pictures of me and had to pay someone to do it properly. And I offended him by doing that? AITA? I mean I told him how I like my pictures but he didn't improve so I paid someone who could do it well and for the both of us too? Is that so bad?

I forget to mention this, but I did tell my fiancé about the experience, and if he was open to it, and he said he was fine with it. I didn't do it behind his back or do it without letting him know first.

To be clear, I have to add, he is also very photogenic and cares about how he looks in pictures. I'm not the only one who likes to have a nice picture with the things I like too.

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NTA he's gotten plenty of front loading that he's not good at it. He hasn't tried to improve. It's not that big a deal for someone to be bad at taking pictures but if you want good photos they can't be from him.

Ignore people who say you're the asshole for wanting good pictures to share. Those folks have a lack of imagination and can't imagine someone enjoying something they don't. They will call you an asshole just for enjoying pictures.


NTA! Not only you are not the AH but also I bet many people here feels the same.
Professional photos are next level, they are MUCH better than any normal mortal could take without knowledge/material. And there is a bonus of both of you being on the same picture, not "one take from the other" scenario.

In my mind if something annoys you, you either learn how to do it by yourself or pay someone who can. If he really want to take better pictures he should invest time on learning how. It is a skill you can learn much by practicing, not a birth talent.

You want your pictures cute and made sure they were, I see no big deal here. You'd be TA only if you guys on a serious budget and did this without the other part knowing first hand.


YTA. Mind bogglingly weird to pay someone to take photos of the both of you on a vacation. Sounds like you are a perfectionist of the highest order. Unless you are like... taking photos for work or a company or something... then... just no.


YTA. You come across as very judgemental and vain. His photos are probably fine by most peoples standards but sounds like you are some kind of David Bailey wannabe.


It feels like you're more concerned about perfect pictures to share on social media instead of enjoying your time with your boyfriend. So what if your boyfriend's pictures aren't professional quality? Does that change your enjoyment of traveling or spending time with him? You're turning quality time into a model photoshoot and he doesn't want to participate in that. YTA.

So, do you think the OP is being an egomaniac or is it reasonable to want your memories to be well photographed?

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