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Woman asks if she's wrong to kick out boyfriend's female friend.

Woman asks if she's wrong to kick out boyfriend's female friend.


AITA for kicking out my boyfriend's homeless friend?

So My (f22) boyfriend (24) has this friend (f25) who moved in 4 months because she had nowhere to go. Now I didn't mind having her as long as she respects our boundaries and the rules around the house but that's definitely not it.

She is very loud, comments on everything and just does inappropriate stuff in general and excuses it, just saying that's how she is. She doesn't help at all besides maybe cooking sometimes but doesn't clean up the mess she makes and she invites people over whenever she wants.

She changes in the living room in front of us (literally took off her underwear) and i asked her to change in her room but her excuse is that she was trying to feel like home and then she suggested i should too as it will strengthen my bond with my bf. I talked to my bf about how im kinda uncomfortable with this whole situation and he told me not to overthink about it and that she's just very unbothered and cool.

She always interrupted our time together and would sit BETWEEN me and him during a movie or take my space while I take a toilet break and she cuddles him in the most unfriendly way. When I asked jokingly if she was trying to take my man she would excuse it on her ethnicity and that's how they grew up.

So I knew I had to ruin this Friday night they had for them. I went up to them and she was all over him as usual, I called my bf and when he was about to get up she said how it was their favorite part and that he could leave later, I insisted but she kept pulling him so I went and pulled him to our room.

We discussed how what she's doing is really upsetting and I no longer want her living with us and he agreed I had the right but that she has no where to go and that I'll have to wait until she finds a job which she's not even trying to get, while talking she came and tried to open the door which was locked so she started knocking.

We just ignored her until it got louder and he asked her to leave but she got even louder and then started saying how i ruined the only time they're she gets with him (which obviously is not the case) I had enough at that point but my bf suggested he talks to her first.

So he went and they took too long like almost 2 hours and I went to check on them and heard her telling him he shouldn't accept someone who ruins a friendship as a partner and that is a big red flag and that he should kick me out. But this place is actually my property that I inherited from my aunt and at that point I knew I had to kick her out.

I didn't even ask with what conclusion they came up with and waited in the living room until they came out and I just told her to look for another place and gave her 2 weeks max.

She's been crying since yesterday, refusing to eat and not coming out of the room and my boyfriend is saying I went overboard and I just hit a sensitive spot of hers, basically telling her to leave when she has no family or anywhere to go. So AITA?

Note: She didn't know it was my property. I guess she assumed we rented that place.

Here's what people had to say in the comments:

Sailor_Chibi says:

NTA, but… you don’t have a homeless friend problem. You’ve got a boyfriend problem.

WickedAngelLove says:

They sleep together when she is gone. Friday is her only time with OP's boyfriend? Like seriously

rpaul9578 replied:

Not necessarily but she could certainly be making a play for it and that there's something going on between them in her mind. However I think OP would do well by ending the relationship.

EmeraldBlueZen says:

If your boyfriend had any respect for you he'd have put a stop to this awhile ago. Something tells me that he's enjoying all the attention he's getting from new roomie.

pacingpilot says:

She's been there 4 months. Most places, you're looking at having to evict at that point.

sparklingsour says:

NTA but you should kick your BF out too since he has no respect for you. They’re both freeloading off of you and disrespectful as hell. Start the eviction proceedings.

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