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Woman leaves sister's house when she gets judged for not 'free-bleeding.' AITA?

Woman leaves sister's house when she gets judged for not 'free-bleeding.' AITA?


When this woman feels like her sister doesn't understand her, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for leaving dinner when my sister wouldn't stop talking about free bleeding?"

Me (25f) had a family dinner with my fiancé, and my sister (22f) also attending. I happened to have my period and go to the toilet a few more times than usual in the afternoon.

My sister supposedly asked my fiancé about why I'm going so frequently, because during the dinner, she started to talking to me about how I'm ruining my health with using tampons instead of free bleeding.

She's been doing it for years now, and she kept on explaining why I should do it too, how healthy it is, how easier it made her life etc. I told her to stop, dinner is not the time to talk about this, and she still went about how it's only natural.

My fiancé started getting visibly uncomfortable, and so did I, with my whole appetite gone. Me and my fiancé left early, and my parents (and sister) think I overreacted, but I honestly felt disgusted talking about period blood while dinner, and my sister told me I'm not invited next time for making a scene.

I honestly don't know if I overreacted or not, it's just a sensitive topic for me apparently, and not my family. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

huantingjusti writes:

NTA. You are dealing with a natural process in your own way She has her preference, that’s great. Dinner is not the time to discuss it, especially if it’s causing discomfort to people present. Also maybe she has a light flow? If I free bleed people would call the cops.

cakephool writes:

NTA, the idea of free bleeding no menstrual product is weird to me. Even the ancient Egyptians used tampons, Sphagnum moss was known as blood moss and was made in to menstrual pads, that and a cremated toad was important as menstrual aid during medieval times.

Also they way we menstruate today wasnt common, lack of food och general health wasnt that great. Remember how we menstruate is thanks how our grandmother lived, the egg that made you was formed in the womb of your grandmother inside your mother. It is the only 3 generation effect in medicin we know about.

lemonroll writes:

NTA. Periods shouldn't be taboo, but it's not a topic to continue after someone has requested that you stop. Also fine she has a big opinion and love for free bleeding, but your body is your choice.

It's weird and disrespectful she is trying to push what she favours onto you. Fine tell you about it, maybe even suggest you give it a try....but beyond that she needs to shut up. It sounds like a topic she brings up a lot.

Looks like OP is NTA here. That said, is her sister right?

Sources: Reddit
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