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Woman refuses to go to cousin's wedding because BF wasn't invited. AITA?

Woman refuses to go to cousin's wedding because BF wasn't invited. AITA?


When this woman wants to boycott her cousin's wedding, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for refusing to go to my cousin’s wedding because my boyfriend is not invited ?"

I (26F) have been dating my boyfriend Mike (25M) (obviously fake name) for about a year and a half. We are in a very serious and committed relationship, so serious that we are talking marriage and kids and we are currently looking to move in together.

I was never one to date or go out with men in general so needless to say Mike is the first guy I’ve felt so serious about to introduce him to my family.

Now, my cousin (31M) and his soon to be wife (34F) are getting married later this year, my cousin invited me couple of weeks ago and I accepted even though I don’t like his fiancé that well but because he’s family and in my culture weddings are a big deal so I kind of didn’t have a choice.

I, in my mind, was thinking that the invitation was for me AND for my boyfriend since the whole family have known about him for a while and they have met him on multiple occasions.

Today, I decided to ask my cousin about the plans of the wedding day to be up to date with everything and mentioned my boyfriend, that’s when he told me that the invitation was for me and me only, that they decided to invite family and close friends only and that it’s too late now because they’ve already planned the exact amount of food with the caterer...

I said that I assumed that the invitation was for the both of us and that it doesn’t make sense to invite me and not my partner, the wedding is in MONTHS and they could still arrange with the catering company for one more plate.

He said that they already paid and it wasn’t possible to add more people, that’s when I told him that I will not be attending the wedding because in my opinion it’s insulting to not include my partner who has been sharing my life for over a year.

He didn’t reply but I received a call from my other cousin telling I’m TA for THREATENING to not come to the wedding, I told her I didn’t threaten not to come I am genuinely not coming, she said it’s ridiculous to expect my boyfriend to be invited and that I should just suck it up and be there for my family.

So reddit, AITA for refusing to go to the wedding because my boyfriend is not invited or should I just stfu and go alone?

PS: I have to mention that my parents and siblings live in a totally different country, so I am living alone here that’s why, for me, it’s important to have my boyfriend with me during these occasions since I can’t have any other close member of my family, he kind of became my only close family here.

Let's see what readers thought.

lazymain writes:

Yta. A year is not that long and you dont live together. At the end of the day, weddings are expensive and they’re not entitled to pay for people to be at their wedding that might not be in your life in the future.

prairiemountainzen writes:

NTA. I think it's weird to only invite half of a couple to events. Why would you want to spend your time at a ceremony/party alone instead of with your significant other? If they don't want him at their wedding then that's fine, it's their day after all, but it's equally fine for you to decline their invitation--I know I certainly would.

bendytoepilot writes:

YTA it would be different if you were married but you don't even live together so he's not family. I'm surprised you are even invited because you don't like the bride.

Jury's out. What do YOU think?

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