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Woman removes flower bed that contains ex home owner's ASHES. AITA?

Woman removes flower bed that contains ex home owner's ASHES. AITA?


When this woman feels guilty about what she did to her flower bed, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for removing a flower bed that contained the ex home owner's remains?'

I bought a home at the beginning of the year. A very straight forward transaction with no issues. By spring time, I decided to change up the layout of the yard and removed some flower beds.

Beginning of June: I get a phone call from the person who used to live in my house. She explains that her husband had died and she spread his ashes in his favorite garden. She asks if she could stop by to visit the flower bed where her husband's ashes were.

Long story short, she's upset and furious because I tore apart the yard (my yard now) and her husband's flower bed and ashes are gone. How was I supposed to know?

If she told me about her husband when i first bought the house, I would have definitely respected her visiting her husband. I may have even kept that flower bed just for her. But unfortunately, nobody told me a thing and now I have to live with the fact I caused such a shock to a person's life.

AITA for this? Nobody said a word to me about this before I bought the house and nobody said a thing during the first 5 months of ownership. All I did was try to improve my yard, not knowing it has terrible consequences.

I feel so bad. I can't imagine her pain but she didn't say anything to me, the realtor or anyone about her husband's remains. All I did was buy a house and change the landscape like people do when they buy property. AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

crystalqueen5 writes:

NTA. The house is no longer hers and whilst I’m sure it hurts her feelings, her decision to spread his ashes somewhere that she later sold has nothing to do with you.

wanderingaimlessly7 writes:

110% NTA. Let me say that again… NTA. This is an inappropriate thing for an ex-owner to do. I will admit I occasionally check on my old homes…online. I do NOT drive by. I do NOT contact them by phone or mail and ask to come visit my old home.

I just check Zillow to see if they sold it and for how much lol. If that garden were that important she never should have moved. It’s not your job to hold on to her dead husband and “his flowers”. It’s not ok for her to think you should. It’s not ok for her to treat you that way.

dinosnuggler writes:

NTA. This whole thing is definitely on the previous homeowner. If she wanted her husband's ashes and the flowers, she should have 1) told you about them and 2) made the sale contingent on her taking it all with her. It wasn't reasonable for her to assume you'd never make changes to your own yard.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

Sources: Reddit
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