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Woman asks if she's wrong to guilt sick sister for eating cake that isn't fair trade.

Woman asks if she's wrong to guilt sick sister for eating cake that isn't fair trade.


It's good to have morals, but what if they annoy your family? What if you take them so far that they hurt people? And is it worth it to do so? When this woman is mad at her sister for not eating a fair trade cake, she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for making my sister feel guilty about eating chocolate cake?'

So my sister was sick for awhile and recently recovered, so we decided to have a board game night now that she's feeling better.

This was all gonna be at our house and everyone knows I like to bake and always make a ton of food every time I host and this time was no exception.

About an hour before, my sister messaged the group whatsapp and said 'I've felt so bad for so long that I'm thinking of buying a shit ton of chocolate cake on my way over. Would any of you share some with me if I did?'

Now, my partner and I recently swore off all chocolate that isn't verified fair trade/slave free, because we learned about some really unethical practices and sure there's no ethical consumerism under capitalism and all that jazz, and I mean, we don't judge others who don't adhere to these same rules because we know that it's impossible for everyone to know about every issue.

But after learning what we now know, the two of us just personally don't really feel comfortable eating chocolate if there's a chance it was harvested with child slave labor.

I actually mentioned this to my sister a couple of months ago, so she must have forgotten or didn't think we were serious about it or something.

I responded and said 'oh, thanks for the offer, but remember when we told you we decided to stop eating most chocolate? So, unless you happen to find a brand of cake that's verified fair trade, the two of us will pass.'

I thought this was reasonable, but then she responded and said 'HOW DARE you try to guilt me over my recovery cake! I've been sick and haven't been able to taste food and all I want is to eat a chocolate cake to cheer myself up and I can't even do that without you making me feel guilty about contributing to child slavery.

As if that's even my fault and it's not like I can just find a 'fair trade' cake or whatever at the grocery store on such short notice. You're being VERY selfish right now.'

The board game night was SO uncomfortable. She brought not one, but TWO cakes and put them right in the middle of the table and starting serving everyone a huge slice but looked at us and scoffed audibly before passing us over.

The table felt tense all night. Everybody except the 2 of us ate her chocolate cake (The lemon pie and cream puffs I baked for the occasion went mostly untouched) and nobody had any fun.

As soon as friends left, my sister who usually stays late to help clean up gave us the silent treatment and wouldn't even look at us as she packed up her things and left in a huff.

After the fact a couple of our friends told me that the entire night was really awkward and that we should have just not said anything about the cake because this was supposed to be our first party in a long time and it ended up getting ruined.

One friend even said I should have just eaten the cake since someone else already bought it and it was there anyway. AITA?

Let's find out.

electriaioli writes:

YTA. You could have just said, feel free to bring a cake to celebrate your wellness. Instead of guilting her about wanting chocolate. I have to ask about the cream puffs and lemon pie. Did either of them have sugar in them?

In spite of slavery on sugar plantations and in the factories that process the sugar cane? Did you think about the dangers of people who work in the dairy industry? Or the migrant workers who picked those lemons.

erddddtrip writes:

NTA. Unnecessary drama. Why can't people not just nevet deal when someone does something 'moral', they don't. Its always so embarrassing. I definitely eat whatever but would never seen this as a guilt trip.

How triggered can you even be lol? Also the argument that OP probably consumes a lot of things which aren't whatever free (i really can't be bothered to look again what OP is against), doesn't mean that its not a good thing to still make a stand on some things at least.

Thats like saying why should one country try to save the planet when nobody else does? Cause you have to start somewhere.

sleepyslothie disagrees:

YTA you could just not eat it and let everyone else enjoy it, just because you want fair trade doesn't mean everyone around you has to do the same, seems like you were kinda pushing in her face and making her feel bad bringing up that talk you guys had months prior.

You could have said to your sister that you and your bf would pass on the cake but everyone else can enjoy it as they please, no wonder the night was awkward, everyone would have been feeling judged , because I know I would of felt that way.

Well, jury's out on this one. What do YOU think? Is OP TA?

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