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Woman tells friend she's being a 'pick me girl' on family Christmas ski trip. AITA?

Woman tells friend she's being a 'pick me girl' on family Christmas ski trip. AITA?


When this woman tells her friend that's she's embarrassing herself at a ski resort, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling my friend she was being a “pick-me” girl and embarrassing herself?"

I (22F) am part of a friend group whose families spend Christmas at a ski resort. We all met there as kids/teenagers and became good friends over the years.

Among us is my friend “Amy,” who has developed a terrible habit of mocking other girls who aren’t very good at skiing. If it were just a passing comment here and there about how silly and impractical some gear can be, I wouldn’t mind it, but she’s incessant.

Earlier today, when we were all together at après-ski, she started with her comments again: “That suit looks ridiculous, she’s never skied a day in her life, who wears a full face of makeup when skiing, etc.” Our guy friends were all laughing with her, but guess what? They were all trying their luck with the “bad, vain skiers” later on.

She was obviously not happy about it and tried to keep her rhetoric going in front of our new friends, but I pulled her aside and told her that she was embarrassing herself. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much she badmouths those girls; the guys will always go for the full Bogner cute girl. Being a ‘pick me’ won’t help her.

After our talk she immediately left, and is now starting a big argument on our group chat. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

enjoyingpost writes:

NTA. I was an avid snowboarder in my youth and I would go with people who had no idea how to dress, wanted to look cute, and had no idea what they were doing. And you know what... who cares.

The only thing you'll catch me saying is telling my friend they need a helmet. usually followed by the story of when I fell flat on my face and somehow knocked my board against the back of my head. I was injury free but idk what would've happened without the helmet. Also eye wear bc sunburning your eyes is NOT fun.

anyway, these activities are supposed to be fun. if you want your cute matching snow suit and full faced makeup go for it. If you just wanna take the bunny slopes because you're scared of the big ones GO FOR IT. If you want to be covered head to toe in snow gear because one spec of cold will ruin your day GO FOR IT.

If someone makes fun of you, they aren't worth your time and frankly, I wouldn't be friends with someone who makes fun of random people.. well any people, but that whole snicker at strangers thing really irks me. My ex did that and I couldn't STAND it.

Your "friend" is a gross human being. I would end that friendship in a second. Most likely by just fizzling out but I'm not much for getting into drama. you want to be an ugly person, thats your decision.. im not here to change people.

makhalava writes:

ESH. Amy for putting girls she doesn’t even know down and pretending she’s better than them, you for putting Amy down and reinforcing sex%st stereotypes (‘the guys will always go for the cute girl’), and most of all the guys who are… happy to mock these women but then feel fine to put moves on them?

You both need better friends than each other, and you both REALLY need better guy friends.

iamlillith writes:

ESH. Look sis, your friend is wrong abt putting down another girl and cracking jokes like that. Maybe deep inside, she is insecure (happens to us a lot). Maybe she has a crush on one of the guys...and just wants a bit of validation. Either way, it was wrong of her.

But what u did is even worse imo. According to judgement bot, u called her a pick me in FRONT OF EVERYONE! Like what sort of a well wisher embarasses a friend like this in front of others... especially if one of the guys were indeed her crush. Are u really a friend?

Secondly, u are calling your 'friend" a pick me. But u never said anything abt the same guys, who were LAUGHING at her jokes before, didn't shy away from also making a move on the ski gal? And u chalk that up to guys being always attracted to cuties? Eh. This is a really messed up way to think eh.

In conclusion, Amy was mean but she didn't do it on ski gal's (a stranger) face. U, on the other hand humiliated her (your 'friend') in public...instead of advising in private. And the guys aren't that great as well. Ya all annoying. Except the clumsy ski gal (sobs, she sounds like me).

Looks like the jury's out. What do YOU think?

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