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Woman tells sister, 'I DON'T have pretty privilege. You MAKE yourself ugly.' AITA?

Woman tells sister, 'I DON'T have pretty privilege. You MAKE yourself ugly.' AITA?


When this woman is annoyed with her sister, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling my sister to stop saying I have pretty privilege and it’s her fault she looks ugly?"

I have a sister who is 25, I will call her Tessa. I am just going to be blunt and say I look better than her. It’s due to her not taking care of herself at all. When I was staying active she was not. I spend my money to get skincare and keeping my hair nice. She doesn’t, she doesn’t dress nicely either.

She is always in sweats even going somewhere nice, overall I just look better that her. She has the money to do these things she just doesn’t. Now ever time I see her she will comment something about the way I look.

If I tell a story that turns out good for me she will tell me it’s because I am pretty and so on. I assume she is jealous and I have talked to her about it.

Now I just pasted my test to get my license for my job. I was telling the story at dinner and she told me I passed since I was pretty (makes no sense).

I had enough and told her to stop saying I have pretty privilege and that it is her fault that she looks ugly not mine. She left the table after calling me a cunt and my family is split.

Let's see what readers thought.

atelolar writes:

NTA, your sister seems insufferably insecure. If she won’t take care of her vanity, she reaps what she sowed. Maybe give her some skincare tips, like getting sleep, staying hydrated and maybe even recommend a facial moisturizer for her.

Giving her a solution to her problem might raise her self-esteem, ofc this is just to say she doesn’t know where to begin rather than having the knowledge and just seethes in jealousy.

If she doesn’t take that advice and run with it then that’s her problem fully, she no longer has a valid reason to complain about you being more prettier than her. Family torn? Tell them you tried helping her with her health and skincare, they can’t really complain then. Jealousy is hideous anyways.

kweenkiller writes:

ESH She Is wrong and jealous. That's clear But you didn't have to call her ugly, that was rude too. As a fellow "conventionally pretty" girl, you have to admit there are times being pretty does play in your favor though lol, which doesn't make you an AH. It's just the way of the world.

whichwitch writes:

Dude, ESH. She was wrong for saying the only reason you passed was your looks, you were wrong for the ugly comment.

The doesn't dress as nicely is a personal preference that you have zero right to comment on, for a start. Maybe she actually does think relaxed clothes look better. Leave that out.

You put an effort into looking a certain way; she doesn't. No effort doesn't equate to ugly. We all know the person who can roll out of bed and look gorgeous. Ugly was an inappropriate term and I'd indicative of what you really think, which earns you an AH vote, too. You both seem like very petty people.

girua writes:

NTA- where are your parents? Yes, both of you are adults but I highly doubt that this just started happening. Your parents should have called that out years ago.

This sort of rivalry and jealousy is incredibly unhealthy. Pretty privilege does exist; however, it doesn’t apply to everything. You will not win a marathon because you were the prettiest runner or pass a paper exam by simply being attractive.

I assure you that attitude plays a large role as well. Your sister, I’m assuming, has a “woe is me” attitude. The attitude along with the looks compounds and makes her life worse/more difficult. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

OP was wrong for insulting the sister. I can understand that OP was frustrated because any effort, studying, or networking that leads to any meaningful success will simply be attributed to OP’s beauty. Good luck with fixing this issue.

So, is OP NTA here or is this an ESH situation?

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