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Woman throws SIL's food out. Says, 'I have allergies. Her cornbread is a power move!'

Woman throws SIL's food out. Says, 'I have allergies. Her cornbread is a power move!'


When this woman is furious with her SIL, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for throwing away a hostess gift and asking my SIL why she can’t listen?'

My family members have allergies. There is one night where they don’t have to worry and can eat everything and it's great. I host big dinner parties once a season. The whole family comes down and it is usually a great time. My brother is now married and he brings his wife along. I’m not besties with her, we are just polite to each other.

Now the first invite she asked what she should bring and I told her nothing, just show up and have a good time. She brought food. I thought she was just being polite and I reiterated to not bring food since if throws off the menu I made and I don’t know what’s in it and some relatives have allergies.

You would think problem was solved, nope. Next time she brought more food. I told her again to not bring anything. If she really wants to bring a hostess gift bring wine. We had our summer dinner and before that she asked what wines would be good for dinner.

I told her a white wine and told her again she doesn’t have to bring anything just being here is a great. Please don’t bring food. I assumed she would bring wine which would be fine.

She shows up with cornbread. I was so done at this point that when she was with the others I threw it away and just moved on with the night. I'm sorry but was this cornbread a weird power move?? She noticed the cornbread wasn’t served and confronted me later in the night.

I told her I threw it away and she got mad at me. We got into an argument about how I should be grateful I am helping her out and me asking if she can’t listen, since children can do it but apparently she can’t.

She called me a jerk and my brother is mad at me. I don’t get why I should be grateful since she is causing that problem and messing up my menu. AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

myhairsonfire202 writes:

NTA. She’s either very weird, very stupid, very antagonistic, or a combination of the above. Throwing away any food item(s) she brings is appropriate at this point. You are not obligated to serve what anyone brings into your home - especially when they have been explicitly asked to refrain from doing so. Your brothers anger is misplaced.

independentspare8 writes:

NTA. Your sil is a terrible guest. You never bring food to a dinner unless specifically asked, and then you bring whatever you're asked to. Doing otherwise insults your host/ess, and belittles their time and energy preparing the menu/meal/party. Just insulting all around.

You NEVER take food when told NOT to. Give your sil a hearing aid ad for her next gift, and a coupon for batters. She's a shitty person, and really needs to be able to hear how bad she is.

Your brother is also an AH. Rather than expect his wife to have even a modicum of common decency and honor your house and your rules, he's mad at you for her repeat, on purpose, shitty deeds.

Unless it rains food between her car and your door that woman is intentionally stomping all over your hospitality, and disrespecting your home and health. (Do you live where it rains cornbread? You're in the US South if it's raining cornbread.)

bladebretfordstein writes:

NTA because your family has allergies and you want one night when everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying or having to ask: is there x in this? Is there any risk in this? That’s sweet of you, and mean of her to insist in bringing stuff that could be a problem. What’s her problem, is she one of those people who don’t believe in allergies??

Well, looks like OP is NTA! Any advice for her?

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