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Woman upsets Bro & SIL when she puts them in daughter's room for Thanksgiving. AITA?

Woman upsets Bro & SIL when she puts them in daughter's room for Thanksgiving. AITA?


When this woman is worried about Thanksgiving plans, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for having my brother & SIL stay in our daughter’s room when they visit at Thanksgiving?"

My first time making a post like this. I will try to keep it brief, but descriptive. My husband (26m) and I (26f) recently bought a house. It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 bath. It’s a large house and the bedrooms are decently sized.

We have 3 kids so each of our kids gets a room. They all share the upstairs bathroom. My husband and I have the master bedroom and bathroom.

My brother and his wife, along with their 1 year old son, are visiting for Thanksgiving for 2 weeks. We told them we would give them our daughters room as it’s the largest and has a queen sized bed.

Our daughter will just sleep in one of our sons’ rooms. We were planning on making it look really nice in there for them. Giving them new sheets and bedding, making sure that all of my daughters things are put away, etc.

Anyway, my mother says that my husband and I are being extremely rude and inconsiderate for not giving them our master bedroom and bathroom. She said it’s just not right that they will have to share the upstairs bathroom with our kids while they’re here.

I honestly did not think we were being inconsiderate at all. My brother was very happy when I told him they could stay with us, because they wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel/Airbnb. He didn’t seem at all like he minded they would be in our daughters room.

My parents and my brother and his family both live across the country. My sister and her husband, along with my family, live within 30 minutes from each other. We decided that we are having Thanksgiving here.

So my sister is having my parents stay with her. To put it nicely, my sister is a suck up. Always has been with my mom. So she offered for my parents to stay in their master bedroom and my sister and her husband will stay in their other bedroom.

I feel like that bit of information might be pertinent to this. Just because I think my mom is basically implying that my husband and I are not being as accommodating as my sister is towards them. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

heirofravenclaw writes:

NTA. You have offered a completely reasonable room for them while you host for two weeks. If your mother feels so strongly about it, she can host them and give her bedroom to them.

The people involved have no issues, but the person who isn’t impacted by this set up has the most vocal opinion. She can shut the fuck up about it if it’s not her home and not her arrangement.

misssuzieshine writes:

NTA. For the amount of money they are saving, no one should be bitching about where they sleep. AND since your house has 3 bathrooms, I would imagine they could use the 3rd bathroom so they wouldnt have to share with the kids.

My guests sleep either in 'the Grandkids' room or in the living room on air mattresses. As for your Sister, if she is so accommodating, and feels she is better, then she can have them stay there with her, as well.

demon803 writes:

NTA, you do not have to give up your bedroom, I would NEVER consider that. Your brother doesn't expect it, as you said, happy to not have to pay for something. This is between you and your bro, not you and your mom.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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