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Woman asks if she's wrong to not let  BF play video games.

Woman asks if she's wrong to not let BF play video games.


It's hard when your SO is addicted to video games. When this woman wants her boyfriend to stop, she asks the popular Reddit forum:

'AITA for asking my boyfriend to not play video games?'

My (F23) boyfriend (M29) and I live together. He’s self employed and makes his own schedule for work. And most days he doesn’t work until later afternoon and for only a few hours at a time. He does still make more than me and he does contribute more to the rent.

I’m a full time student and a full time employee. As part of our agreement for rent, I pay less but do more of the chores. After a full day of work I tend to come home, do some chores, then do assignments until around 10:00 pm when I start my bedtime routine and then start it all over again.

My boyfriend likes to play video games almost every week night. Which I don’t have a problem with, I’m plenty busy during the week and we tend to spend time together on weekends.

The issue I’m having is that he gets really frustrated with his games or he tends to laugh really loud. It also may be that I’m just a light sleeper, but regardless I find it almost impossible to fall asleep while he’s playing. We are also in completely different rooms for sleeping/gaming so I’d say he’s pretty loud if I can hear him over the white noise machine we have.

I’ve asked him to be quiet but it’s doesn’t seem to do anything. And even if he does manage to be quiet enough for me to fall asleep, he has a bad habit of coming into the bedroom and then showering.

Which is in the same room as our bed. It wakes me up every single time. He usually doesn’t stop playing until 1:00 am and he’s even stayed up until 4:00 am before. Whereas I have to get up for work at 7:00 am.

The lack of sleep is starting to impact my functioning at work and impact my school. So tonight I asked him if it’s possible for us to set an 11:00 pm cut off for weeknights.

He snapped at me and told me that no, he wasn’t going to do that. I reminded him that I get up early in the morning and how strenuous my job can be to which he replied that it’s not his fault I’m a light sleeper. He says I'm being unfair because he pays most of the rent.

I want to set a firm boundary here but he’s making me wonder if I’m asking too much. AITA?

Well, let's see what Reddit had to say.

drmaticpanda writes:

NTA. I don’t think he has to not play video games. He has to find some way not to wake you up constantly. You’ve got a white noise machine and he’s in a different room. He should absolutely be able to game without waking you up, unless you are an absurdly light sleeper.

The showering should probably be cut. Maybe in the future you can find somewhere to live where he can have night showers away from your bedroom.

minority2 writes:

YTA. Sort of.

You two need to come up with a compromise.

He's not wrong for doing whatever he wants at night in the apartment that you both share as long as his noises aren't loud enough to affect people outside.

However, because you two share the apartment you both need to work with each other in order to find a solution.

weeblywobblers writes:

YTA for moving in with this guy. You knew his guy was this way long before you moved in with him. Please don't say you didn't. Why are you still there? Move out. You are very young. Find a man, not some snotty smart- mouthed little kid.

Well, unclear if OP is in the wrong here. What do YOU think?

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