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Man won't let GF break lease to care for sick grandma; says, 'I don't want a roommate.'

Man won't let GF break lease to care for sick grandma; says, 'I don't want a roommate.'


'AITA for not letting my gf be removed from the lease?'

My gf and I lived together for 5 months and it’s been going good. But her grandma recently had a fall and requires care and someone to live with her because she was on the ground for hours before gf’s mom found her.

Our apartment is one of the cheapest and yet I can’t afford it alone, my gf wants me to remove her from the lease while she lives with her grandma. But I don’t want to live with a roommate anymore and told her she should keep paying for the apartment that we sign a year for since living with her grandma is free.

But she’s angry that I won’t remove her from the lease and find a roommate calling me childish for not just finding someone else to live with in the meantime and letting her live with her grandma which is a hour away.

But how is it fair she goes to live with her grandma rent free while I’m stuck with a stranger I don’t know when she can continue to pay her half and just live with her grandma? I’ve told the landlord I'm not taking her off the lease and she’s threatened to break up with me because of it.


Active_Somewhere8248 says:

Interesting that no one suggested that OP moves with gf to grandma's...

nsdi-982 OP responded:

It’s an 1.5h one way to work not an option

Amiedeslivres says:

And is it hourly or salaried? Does gf expect that this long-term change will affect her earnings?

nsdi-982 OP responded:



Can she pay to break the lease?

nsdi-982 says OP responded:

She can’t from the lease but the landlord might allow it but they know I’ll just squat and so they won’t let her

sctt_dot says:

NTA, has she tried to sublet?

nsdi-982 OP responded:

Landlord won’t allow that and neither will I. I won’t live a stranger she chose. Landlord said they get to ok the person if I chose and I refuse to live with anyone they choose.

Friendly_Shelter_625 says:

INFO: How long does she expect to live with her grandmother?

nsdi-982 OP responded:

At least a year or 2. They are on the wait list for a nursing home

Amiedeslivres says:

And will she be employed for wages during that time, or will she be exclusively caring for her grandma without pay?

nsdi-982 OP responded:

She does wfh

whatsmypassword73 says:

YTA, Major, major and May the karma you put out be reflected back to you. She’s literally going to help her grandma, she’s going to be working to keep her safe and you call that rent free? Seriously?

mangomoontea says:

I have been this caregiver, and I can say it is SO MUCH work. I loved my Grandma, and don't regret helping her through the last few months of her life, but just because I didn't pay money to stay there doesn't mean there wasn't a cost. OP is totally TA

ali_stardragon sys:

Absolutely. OP, the price for your GF is a lot of mental and emotional load. She needs you to be there to support her because what she is doing will be tough. She does NOT need you being petty or trying to manipulate her into what you want.

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