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Woman wears her wedding dress to friend's wedding. AITA?

Woman wears her wedding dress to friend's wedding. AITA?


When this woman thinks she may have upset the bride, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for wearing my wedding dress to someone else’s wedding?"

I (20F) married my husband two years ago. We aren’t rich and don’t care that much about weddings, so I wore my prom dress to my wedding. It’s not a super fancy dress or anything, it’s basically a long sequin dress in deep dark blue with one sleeve.

My friend Ciara (22F) was attending my wedding. Since the wedding, I wore it on a few occasions because it’s basically the only one fancy dress I own.

Recently, Ciara was getting married and I was obviously invited. The wedding color scheme was dark blue and she requested fancy attire, so I thought my dark blue dress would be fine.

It’s not white and it’s not even remotely close to a wedding dress. I also didn’t feel like wasting money on another fancy dress that I wouldn’t ever wear again, especially since we aren’t rich.

So I showed up at her wedding in my dark blue sequin dress. It wasn’t standing out or anything, most of the guests were wearing even more fancier dresses. However, when Ciara saw me, she lost it.

She yelled at me in front of all the guests, in front of her husband and my husband, saying that what I did was horrible and that no one shows up at a wedding in a wedding dress.

I tried to reason with her, saying that the dress isn’t a wedding dress, it’s the only fancy piece of clothing I own, I wore it to multiple occasions before and after my wedding. She didn’t listen and kept yelling at me to the point her bridesmaids and her husband started trying to calm her down. She also said a bunch of unsavury names to me.

I was very upset with the drama and decided to leave with my husband. Then I started getting texts from Ciara, who blamed me for upstaging her on her wedding day, for driving a wedge between her and her husband since he said that she overreacted massively and upset her friend over a dress.

I decided to ignore them because I think she is being unreasonable, but a part of me thinks that I was an AH because I wore the dress to my own wedding.

apartad6 writes:

NTA. Anyone reading the headline would have their finger straight on the YTA. In this circumstance however, it was absolutely ok to wear that dress & she ruined her own wedding as well as shouting at you for no reason. Even her husband thinks she's an AH from the sound of things.

I suspect she's not only lost you as a friend but her husband is likely to lawyer up soon. She sounds like she'd be a nightmare to live with.

theatergirl8 writes:

NTA. You didn’t ruin her wedding, her throwing a massive temper tantrum, that was witnessed by everyone and more than likely recorded by at least several someones, was what ruined her wedding.

You don’t need to justify why you only own one fancy dress, many women own at least one or two - a floor length and a cocktail length - and that is enough to get them through many situations and events.

You also smartly bought a dress that went from prom, to your wedding and several events without issue, until now.. Well done on that purchase. You were smart to leave and even more so to ignore the continued harassment. I wish you all the best with your fancy dress, hopefully you can wear it again soon and have some real fun!

gluehamster76 writes:

NTA. There are wedding dresses and there are dresses you wear to weddings. Yes, you wore this dress for your wedding ceremony but you admitted it’s your only nice dress, you wore it because you couldn’t afford a traditional dress at the time, and you wear it to all your fancy events since you got it in high school.

Your friend knew this before she set her wedding theme and attire requirements. If she wanted you to wear something else, she should have either asked you, bought you something, or picked a different color/style. The dress is very nice but I can believe there were fancier dresses at the party.

Dark blue formal is a standard in the gown/dress world and guests can easily go all out for not too much money if they wanted to without you drawing attention to your dress. If all accounts are as you say, she’s had an issue with you for sometime and she chose this moment to have a go at you.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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