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Women shows up unannounced to ex's for Xmas with their son; his fiancé leaves.

Women shows up unannounced to ex's for Xmas with their son; his fiancé leaves.


"AITA for ruining Christmas Eve for my ex’s fiancée?"

My ex’s family were complaining that they wouldn’t see our son on Christmas because I was going to spend it with my family. Since they live fairly close to my parents, I decided to drop by on Christmas Eve so they could see my son. I didn’t check in advance to see if my ex and his fiancée would be there, but unfortunately, they were.

My ex’s fiancée asked me why I was there and asked me to leave. I tried to explain I was only there so my ex’s family could see my son but she was yelling at me that I ruined everything and I was doing this on purpose. She left because I wouldn’t.

The short story of why his fiancée hates me is because our son was conceived while they were already in a relationship which I wasn’t aware of. So AITA?

Info from OP:

We broke up but we were talking about getting back together when he was conceived. I wasn't aware they were together until my friends told me that they had been sleeping together since we broke up.

We were together from 15-23 and friends before that so his family were like family to me.

I know I should've called and will in the future but my son is still a baby so I don't feel comfortable just leaving him with people, even family, yet.

My ex was confused about why I was there since I never told him I would be coming but his family were happy. They all also tried to defuse the situation by separating us.

Here's how people judged OP:

LisaHColorado writes:

Isn't this the reason why custody agreements have clauses for holidays?? 😉 idk. But this could have all been avoided.

[deleted] writes:

You're the affair partner, of course, she dislikes you. What would it have hurt you to see if they'd be attending, why couldn't you offer for someone in his family to come to pick up the child for a bit? YTA

journeyintopressure writes:

YTA. Please just send a message in advance, or remember this was YOUR day to spend with him and your family.

Bankshead writes:

YTA why you didn’t leave boggles the mind

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