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Boss steals credit for employee's work, so he sabotages powerpoint; 'he looked crazy.'

Boss steals credit for employee's work, so he sabotages powerpoint; 'he looked crazy.'


Business is cutthroat and it can be easy to get stepped on, or stepped over.

One man was sick of his boss taking credit for his hard work and intentionally making him look inferior in meetings. He decided he was going to take a stand and made some very interesting changes to the presentation that he had created, but his boss was taking credit for.

Superior kept stealing my work so made him look stupid and crazy


So I do data analysis for financial firms. I’m based in Europe but I get a new line manager from America. Now I get on really well with my American colleagues but this guy is an a**hat. Not sure how he got promoted to his position as he knew nothing about the industry.

I frequently had to present to the board and he’d always go through my slides beforehand and ask me about them, he’d then ask purposefully challenging questions about things he’d only just learned from me 5 minutes before the meeting. Really d*&kish behavior.

Once I realized what he was doing I started being more careful about how much I shared. One time I managed to plant questions that made him look stupid in front of the board.

Following this he started making me present to him beforehand and then would take my presentation and deliver it himself to take the credit. This really p*ssed me off so I took my petty revenge.

For the next meeting, I included a few slides in the PowerPoint that were not connected to the presentation, I was able to quickly skip through these when I was going through it with him so he didn’t pick them up. However once he got in the meeting the fun began.

The board were very surprised to see a picture of a baby kangaroo in the middle of the projected Q3 earnings. He got flustered and blundered through the next few slides. He was just getting back on track but then the regional analysis appeared on the bare chest of Tom Brady.

The board were getting visibly annoyed at this point and they thought he was joking around. It all settled down until the final slide, it was the standard ‘Any questions?’ Only the faded picture in the background just happened to be a bikini pic of the CEO’s daughter taken from her instagram, how did that get there? A**hat quickly made his apologies and left.

He came gunning for me so I had to play ignorant, ‘I don’t know how that happened, it was all fine when we went through it before! Must be a hacker!’ Luckily Sergeant S^*thead bought this excuse as he knows nothing about anything.

The board however weren’t so forgiving and immediately transferred him to a more junior position. Six months later I got promoted to the role he had vacated.

Here is what people had to say:


You never screw over the person you rely on in order to get your job done. I doubt he ever learned that.


SO many managers do not recognize this! My former boss tried to ask a crappy question when I presented to the finance committee of the board and the CEO said 'shouldn't you know the answer to that question? It is your division...why don't you tell the committee the answer'

He looked like an a** and he was fired shortly after I left the company. I used to call him a spork....useless and breaks under pressure.


There used to be someone at a former job who took credit for everything his team did and never gave credit. I wasn't on his team, but I knew what was going on and I hated him for it.

Actually, I forgot, he did become my boss for a short stint. I made sure to be in every meeting where he would present my stuff and when he started to take credit I'd speak up about what I did.

Honestly as a manager now, I love praising the efforts of my team and how awesome they are. They did the work, they get the credit. Where are my accolades? On running an awesome team and making sure everything is running smoothly / guiding people on projects. I don't need to act like I'm carrying the team, that's not my role.


This happened to me. I used to come in early because I worked on overseas accts. So I got the job of printing out the previous days profits and delivering to our president. I had told him about an idea I had one week.

The next week he told me our CFO had presented that very same idea a few days later. He tried to take credit for my idea. What the fuck buddy, just present it as mine and say you think it might work. Several years later our company was bought out by another.

All the bigwigs got fired bit by bit, when the CFO got the chop he tried to form his own company. He asked me to lunch and we had a nice chat. I ordered expensively. He wanted me to work for him. After he paid the cheque I told him why I wouldn’t. Priceless!


The slide of the CEO’s daughter is actually really gross to me.


You just 'happened' upon those pics of his kid yeah?


So many managers believe they have the right to take credit for a subordinate's work. In so many companies, there's a clear lack of ethics on this.


Sounds like he's a terrible manager. Also sounds like you must not value your job very highly, as I could see you loosing it very soon.


I have worked for many a**hats like this. You made my day. Thank you for being awesome!


That's American business these days: do nothing know nothing rich kids in charge

Has anyone else ever gotten sweet revenge when a superior tried to take credit for their work?

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