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Fast food worker 'steals' for hungry, pregnant coworker; overbearing manager loses it.

Fast food worker 'steals' for hungry, pregnant coworker; overbearing manager loses it.


"I 'stole' from a previous job for a pregnant coworker"


This incident happened many years ago, however, I recently remembered and thought this many be good place for it. A long time ago, I (f28) was hired at my first job. It was a popular fast food chain restaurant, and although the work wasn't glamorous, my coworkers and the relationships I made there made it worthwhile.

We had a few managers, one we'll call Kathy. Kathy was your typical "Karen" type of manager, the kind who was never pleased and expressed her disappointment to everyone.

Her attitude made it nearly impossible to enjoy work and we all dreaded being scheduled on a shift with her. Kathy usually worked morning shifts, as did I, and I was one of the employees that opened the store and prepared it for service for the day.

We were allowed a short break before opening the store as long as everything was finished and accounted for, understandably. Now, we were not permitted to make food from the store to eat on our morning break. That was reserved for those who worked in the afternoon/evening.

The reason for this being that the computer systems and cash registers weren't active until about five or ten minutes from opening, and we were required to ring in our food and pay the discounted employee price. We were not allowed to make food and then pay for it later, as this could interfere with service or people would just forget and not pay.

The company thought this would decrease theft. The only option was to clock out and have another employee take your order and assemble your food, which wasn't an option for the morning opening shift.

At least this was Kathy's excuse, the other managers always let us eat something in the morning, often times for free. I had a coworker, "Carrie", who also usually worked morning shifts with me. I befriended Carrie quickly, a young single mother with an 8 year old daughter, pregnant with a son.

One morning, when Carrie and I were working together, she expressed to me that she had had a rough morning and was unable to bring food for her break. She had a very strict diet with her pregancy and ate at certain times throughtout the day, which all the managers were aware of and accommodated to an extent (as long as she got her discounted meal and paid full price for anything later).

She was very upset and told me that, when asked, Kathy denied her permission to make a sandwich. This was even if Kathy rang it up and took the money herself. But the thing about Kathy was, she wouldn't just say no to things.

She would hover and keep an eye on people so as to catch them in the act if they would disobey her, which anyone rarely ever did. But this was Kathy. I witnessed her watching Carrie through the office window and even heard her tell Carrie that she better not "steal" and make herself any food.

This really upset me as well, because I felt bad for Carrie and wished there was something I could do to make her feel better. I was also very exhausted of Kathy and the rules she made up that no other managers seemed to implement or follow.

I didn't bring any food of my own, as I usually skipped breakfast back then. So, I decided to take things into my own hands and get my own little silent petty revenge on Kathy.

Carrie ended up going outside to her car during her break, and Kathy died down in the office. I waited for the perfect opportunity, and just as Kathy diverted her attention to other managerial duties, I quickly grilled up a small beef patty and assembled a sandwich for Carrie.

It wasn't unusual for me to join her outside on our break, so I took her the sandwich and came back inside to use the restroom before my shift. While in the stall, I heard someone come in, rummage through the trash, and start washing their hands.

When I exited the stall, it was Kathy, who greeted me with "Where did you put the wrapper?" I just gave her a confused look and told her I didn't eat on my break.

A short time after opening the store, she approached Carrie and I both together and told us she knew we stole food and that we're lucky the cameras didn't catch us or we'd be fired.

I walked away still having a job that day, and I felt good about helping a pregnant person who needed to eat. Kathy ended up moving to another store, and things were overall pretty peaceful until I left. Also never "stole" again.

Petty? Yeah, I guess. But the memory of Kathy running around frantically digging in every single trash can for proof and going mad over it? Worth it.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


How did she know? Was she low key watching you the whole time? We need more Robin Hood’s in the world! You did good that day!

The OP responded here:


I honestly think I might have forgotten to clean off the grill afterward! I was on the move, so that's very likely haha.


My favorite part is "...and Kathy died down in the office." Lol.

The OP again responded:


Haha! I swear, she'd get so riled up! Ma'am? This is a Wendy's.


What the ***?? I've been working in the catering industry and the non-official motto was "fed staff = happy staff = smooth operating". No homard thermidor or poularde demi deuil on the sly, of course, but keeping the staff and a pregnant woman fed and fit to work can only be beneficial to the restaurant. Those penny wise and pound foolish Kathies are incredibly detrimental to businesses.

So, do you think the OP did the right thing? Have you ever tried to help out a struggling coworker behind a manager's back?

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