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Man with young daughter in wheelchair handicaps parking spot thief.

Man with young daughter in wheelchair handicaps parking spot thief.


This is a short and sweet story of petty revenge.

Dealing with like with any handicap is difficult, and being the parent of a handicapped child doubles importance. People often take up space intended for disabled individuals in the name of convenience. Sometimes, they don't think about how that has an affect on the people those areas are intended for. One father had finally had enough when taking his daughter in a wheelchair shopping.

Handicap Spaces Are About Accessibility, Not Convenience


Many years ago my daughter has been fussy all day long. My wife was ready to pull her own hair out, therefore, I took my daughter with me to the store. She was very young, and pretty, with the cutest little purple wheelchair secondary to Spina Bifida.

We get to the store, unload her wheelchair from the Chevy Suburban, she climbs down into said chair, and off we go. After shopping is done, we’re back at the Suburban reversing the process to load her up and stow the chair.

As I’m loading said chair, dude pulls up next to me in a new Corvette still with paper tags on it. Convertible, containing dude and his trophy, er, significant other. I casually mention that he’s pulled into a row of handicap space without a handicap tag or placard.

He’s says yeah, I know, and saunters off to shop with his SO. Well I’m a little pissed at this moment, but don’t want to do damage to such a beautiful car. Then, an evil thought enters my brain.

I go to the cart storage, just in front of where we’re parked. I put carts in a loose formation around his car. Security guard comes out, but just watches. An off-duty city cop also comes out, and also just watches.

I proceed to put several layers of carts, tightly packed together, 360 degrees around his car. I approach the guard and city cop, and explain that dude was using handicap space for convenience, not due to an accessibility problem.

I point out that no carts are touching his car, so no damage, but that he sure as hell has an accessibility problem now! They both crack up laughing at this point.

The cop says that he hopes the guy complains, because he’ll write a ticket to the dude. I laughed quite a bit over this, and quite frankly, still do every now and then!

More info: To answer a common question as to why the cop wouldn’t just write a ticket straight away, he couldn’t. In Texas, at the time, on private property they couldn’t write one unless the property owner/manager called, or the person otherwise engaged with the officer.

He was hoping the guy came to complain so the cop could then engage with dude, then write a ticket. This may have been a city ordinance or policy, as several former/current Texas cops have said this was not a state law.

Here is what people had to say:


This has happened to me.

I need a wheelchair and sometimes people park waaaaaaay too close or over the ramp lines and there’s no room for me to get beside the car so we either have to carefully try to squeeze in and hope we don’t scratch the other car or my caregiver has to park me in the middle of the lane, back the car out and park it in the middle of the lane so I can get in.

Of course that just pisses people off because we have to block the lane 😫


Nice! I worked at a skilled nursing facility and our maintenance guy would park his very nice Mercedes in the handicap spot every day (actually only 2/3 in the spot 1/3 blocking the walk way). No handicap placard or plates. Just a prick that didn't want his nice car to get damaged.

I finally got fed-up and reported him to the Handicap Parking Violation department of my city's law enforcement. I anonymously reported him every day for a week, with pictures. My coworkers were delighted when he got a ticket and he never parked there again.


Stupidity is not a disability ☺️ My favourite sign in front of a disability parking spot in South Africa hahah


This is funny and I'm glad it turned out ok but history shows that confronting people over accessibility parking spaces can have deadly consequences.

The appropriate thing to do is document the vehicle offending, not the person, with pictures of the plate and front end showing no placard hanging from the rearview mirror, and submit to traffic enforcement, in writing.

The app ParkingMobility makes this unbelievably easy. And the fact they left gave you time to take all the pictures unbothered.


Not all disabilities are visible. With a new car, he may not have had his tags yet. This should’ve been a mind your business moment.


I have some horrible friends. One carries a big permanent marker to leave a note written on their car. Sometime in huge letters across the hood. I do not condone his actions but it is funny to watch.


The best part of this is the actual inconvenience. Just getting a ticket will remind the jerk that some crimes are legal for people with money.


A hero we don't deserve, but need.

Do you think this was the right move? What would you have done?

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