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Man sues company, curses out boss after being fired from his internship.

Man sues company, curses out boss after being fired from his internship.


Interns are often underappreciated and overworked.

But, the position is often a necassary step and even a rite of passage into your desired field. One 22-year-old was outraged when they were unexpectedly let go from their internship position and decided it was time to enact some petty revenge. Whether or not their actions were justified, they got their desired result.

Got fired from my internship so I sued the company and got money


I (22 yo) male, sued my internship company because they fired me for no reason. It was a start up company. Things were fishy from the beginning, but it was my first internship so I was still naive then.

I slowly realized that all the employees (4 lol), were all interns. The person who taught me the job was a fired intern too. Fast forward to a month after, and I get this email from the manager saying that he “feels” that I am not committed to his company.

No warnings beforehand whatsoever. He said that at the office, I appear slow and uninterested. Little did he know that I carried the whole customer support emails by myself and actually took the time to reply to each one without ignoring it.

Anyway, after I saw the email, I replied and told him that this is not the case and he should give me another chance. He replied and said no.

I replied again and low key begged him because he was basically screwing my study as an internship is a mandatory part of it. He didn’t reply and ignored me. I asked to have a meeting with him and he ignored me.

So here is when petty me took over. I wrote a long message calling him a d*ckhead in professional words. I sent that message in the group chat with the other interns and luckily, a new intern had just joined the company and she saw it. Then he finally replied to me and was like “oh things sometimes don’t work out and it happened to me bla bla bla”.

I didn’t feel fulfilled yet, so I looked at the contract and saw that under termination, it said that a one month notice should be given before termination. He terminated me without the month notice.

So then I consulted a lawyer and we filed a lawsuit against him. I didn’t win, but I got a settlement and got some money of out it. I caused him nuance while I lived on and enjoyed my life and got a better internship.

He probably had to pay for his lawyer and I also took time off of his work. I couldn’t be happier to see his grumpy face. I sincerely from the bottom of my heart wish that this dude never finds peace.

People had a lot of supportive and some very judgment responses:


I hope you share that information with all previously fired interns and current ones, in case they need it. How sweet would it be to see him getting sued by the others too?


Tell your school’s intern office about his illegal acts, get him blacklisted.


Schools don’t put out internships so that companies can use and abuse the privilege. There are requirements, and if someone routinely screws the students and is reported, that ends really quickly.

Schools will blacklist someone no problem; internships are a partnership to get students valuable experience over a guaranteed period of time (assuming they’re not slackers) to get the credit they meed.


Manager's lawyer was probably already on retainer. Wonder how much this kid paid his lawyer out of the settlement…


Contact the Better Business Bureau too. I'm not sure how relevant it is anymore but it's a nice way to get a complaint on record that the government might consider with this guy in the future. Unfortunately behavior like this is not abnormal for start-ups and small businesses.

My advice for you is to look at big companies for work. There's much more perks, protection, and a system/process, at risk of things maybe moving slower.

Slower but you have a job 5 years later, unlike start ups, and also accumulating benefits and promotions that mean something. A VP at a start up has highly variable quality and experience -- not as much for real companies, they tend to hire for specific levels of experience.


Bro, you’re hearing one side of the story. Notice when he said he didn’t win the lawsuit but got some money. The judge probably agreed he was just to be fired but he had to pay the 1 month notice period. Just words of advice for life, there are 3 sides to every story, side A, side B and the truth.


The judge almost certainly did not make any ruling. 90% of cases settle without any substantive judicial ruling. That he got damages for being fired from an internship where he was supplying free labor is impressive and says something about the merits of his breach claim.

Just words of advice for life - don’t spout meaningless truisms like they’re sage wisdom. You come across like an a**.


You're whole post history just reads like Karma-wh*re bullsh*t. 3 jobs in the last 3 months that you either asked a question in AITA, looking for Unethical Pro Life Tips, or only getting trained for 4hrs in a restaurant (Pro-Tip, if you've had 3 jobs in that short amount of time, maybe the workplace isn't the problem).

So do you think this was a lazy, entitled kid angry about success not being handed to him or do you think he was being taken advantage of as a young, eager worker?

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