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Man sues girlfriend for secretly selling 'family heirloom' car for $400. UPDATED

Man sues girlfriend for secretly selling 'family heirloom' car for $400. UPDATED


'My girlfriend sold my car because of a petty argument. I am now suing her.'


So, for a bit of context: My girlfriend and i have known eachother for around 4 years, but started dating during 2021. That car has been passed down for GENERATIONS by the way (Its a 1972 Ford F100) my grandpa owned, then passed down to my dad, then passed down to me.

I dont drive it too often, as i do have my own car, but i use it for work. Recently, we've gotten into an argument over me not taking care of our two cats.

Thing is, i spend almost all day working, and the rest of it resting. So, what did she do? She got the pickup truck, went to a junkyard, and sold it! Worst part? She sold it for 400 dollars.

Keep in mind, this truck was in PRISTINE condition. When i got back home from the bar, i noticed the pickup wasnt there. I asked her, and she told me what she did. I instantly packed up my things, my cat, told her we were done and left. I've been getting calls from her, her family and friends everyday calling me names. Am i in the wrong?

Two things: I have talked to my lawyer cousin. He said i could have a solid case if this goes to court, but honestly, after all the sh*t i've been through i want my pickup back and some more for what happend. I doubt the police are going to do anything after a couple of bad experiences i've had with them.

My ex came knocking on my door, i ignored her, dont want anything to do with that b*tch anymore. My dad also got the news and was super sad, considering that truck was pretty much the family's breadwinner for about 30 years.

I have now filed a police report for the stolen F100. I have hope it can be done! I am also doing my own bit of research, driving to a couple nearby junkyards, but i doubt i'll find it on my own. I hope we can find the Old Green F100 we love so much.

Here were the initial comments after this chapter of the story.


File a police report ASAP to try to get your truck back. If you're planing to sue her, look into adding the junkyard owner in the process (for buying the truck without your permission/proper documents). Good luck.


That's your ex now bro


Was she a co owner? Do you still have the title? I'm sure you can find a way to get it back if she sold it illegally

The OP responded here:


It was sold illegally, HOWEVER, she took the title as well, so i think getting it back is probably impossible..


That is theft and dealing in stolen property. File police report immediately. You will regret it if you don't.

The OP later responded with an update.


The F100 has been found on a nearby junkyard by a friend! Thanks for all the support guys.

So, people have been asking these things, so i feel like i should clarify.

1 - Its not like i took no care of the cats at all, i did. She doesn't work. I put the bread in the table, she gets the house chores done. Thats how we managed it, which is why i feel like this was petty.

2 - I went to a bar to hang out with a friend i had not seen in 5 years. I dont drink heavily or often.

3 - The signature was forged by my girlfriend, from what i know at the moment, or the junkyard guy just took it because it was a 9.6k profit.The junkyard opens at 12:30am today, and since its currently 5:00am here, i'm still gonna have to wait for a while, as you might be able to tell, today was quite a crazy day. Haven't gotten one minute of sleep.

Later the same day, there was another update.


I have the truck back! The F100 is actually back, i did have to pay the $400 back though, and its not as good as it was before.. Its really dirty (probably from driving to the junkyard, which is pretty dirty) and the bodywork that was once pristine is now damaged.. Has a huge scratch on the paint.

It was a really sharp key or something, because the bodywork is now ruined. It has started flash rusting, which is really not good. The paint is ruined.

The truck itself isnt as great as before, i can tell she broke the brake fluid line as well, because the brakes are running badly. Good news though, my girlfriend has been charged with a C1F for GTA and fined $5,000. Don't worry though, i will still follow through with the lawsuit.

Over a day of no-sleep, work and panic.. and its finally over. She's been charged with a Class 1 Felony for stealing a car worth more than $10,000. She's been fined $5,000.

Finally back from the garage with the truck... I'm so tired. I'll take a nap now. I'll update you guys more throughly tomorrow. I dont feel like explaining every detail right now.. Its 19:09pm and i'm really tired of this fucking shit.

Here were the top comments from readers who followed the whole story:


Just like dude’s girlfriend who sold his 1967 impala to the scrapyard.


I genuinely don't understand the thought process of the ex? Like did she think he wasn't going to go back for the car? And all of this over cats when he provided everything? Why ruin your life over something that dumb, instead of just having a conversation.


Passing over the story and on to the Newsweek article...who was the poor bastard who had to shift through the replies to come up with analytics on our dumb ass responses? Whoever it was needs a bonus.


She stole his car and she/her family is mad at him???


I don’t think the end result mattered. This read like her just punishing him to be as hurtful as possible assuming all of the context was given.

So do you think the OP overreacted or was his girfriend completely out of line?

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