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Woman finds out boyfriend is cheating, shares all his other sorted lies with his boss.

Woman finds out boyfriend is cheating, shares all his other sorted lies with his boss.


"Ex lied to me. I exposed his lies to everyone. Including work"


I found out that my ex had cheated on me because he did it in my bed whilst I was away overnight. He hadn't even bothered to change the sheets 🤢 He made the mistake of leaving his phone unlocked and charging, so when I got home and discovered the stained and sticky sheets, I was able to lock him out of my flat (he was out when I got home) and had free access to his phone.

I went through his entire contacts list, calling them to ask if they were the person he was sleeping with. This list included work colleagues, his Boss, and relatives. I told them about the stained sheets and asked if it was them.

When I sorted our documents, ready to chuck his stuff at him, I discovered that he had told his work that his Mum had died to get a couple of weeks off. They gave him a condolences card and gifts. I posted the card and notes to his parents, with the "sorry your Mum died" bits on the top (his poor Mum.)

I wrote to his Boss, informing them that his Mum was alive and kicking, and gave them her address and phone number, so they could verify this. I wrote to the DVLA and gave them his new contact details, along with the details and location of the broken down car he had abandoned and which was on a public road untaxed, no MOT, and not insured.

I wrote to his debt management company with details of the credit cards he had taken out against the rules of his debt management plan (a breach means the huge discount is removed and the whole debt becomes due.)

I wrote to the new credit card companies with details of his debt management plan, which he should have declared to them, but didn't, because then they wouldn't have given him credit. I also included his changed address and number, so they could track him down (I didn't want debt collectors at my own door.)

When I gave him his stuff, I "mislaid" book 1 of a complete limited edition Terry Pratchett collection that had been a prized posession. I also "accidentally" wiped all his game saves on his PS3 / XBox360.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


Don’t make a person who knows all your secrets angry.


This ranks up there with the chick who borked her newly ex-boyfriend's youtube algorithm that he bragged was 1000000% perfect for him by unsubbing his preferred stuff and subbing to all the stuff he never wanted to see.


Scorched Earth, love it.


Seems this might be a bit more than petty.


The Limited Edition Terry Pratchett really bumps this up to Nuclear Revenge.

The OP responds here:


He bought it with my money, claiming to be broke.


Damn. After reading that all I can picture is a “FATALITY” mortal kombat screen 💀

So, do you think the OP took their revenge too far or was this just revenge?

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