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Woman admits to marrying sister's high school crush out of petty revenge.

Woman admits to marrying sister's high school crush out of petty revenge.


Growing up with a sibling who hates you is a miserable experience. Blood is thicker than water is a common phrase. But, the phrase is the 'blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,' which is more about putting religion over family. It also validates the truth that sometimes family is toxic, and you should do everything possible to escape them.

On a popular Reddit thread in the True Off My Chest Subreddit, one woman confesses to carrying out a long-term revenge plot against her sister.

She writes:

I (29f) was an affair baby between my mom and dad. My mom was already married to my stepdad and had my half-sister (32f), whose name will be R. R has always hated me for some unknown reason. I never gave her any reasons to hate me as we grew up together.

Growing up, I spent more time with my mom than my dad because he traveled a lot for work, but whenever he was in town, I would spend time with him. I enjoyed it as it was the only time I could be away from my SD and R.

R would always do terrible things to me, she would destroy my things, and anything my dad would send by mail would go to the trash. It was so bad that when I was in high school, she cut off my hair when I was sleeping, and I had to get a bob. My mom scolded her, but my SD enabled her even more, patting her on the back for a good job when mom wasn’t looking.

In HS, I was in a graphic design class, and that’s how I met R’s 'one true love' I didn’t know. I would stay after school to finish my in-class assignments, and he would be there to use the computers to do some work.

The computer he used was next to mine, so we sat together when I would stay. We spoke once, and he said he liked my hairstyle. I was the only girl in school with really short hair, so I did stand out a bit.

One day my sister came to spy on him, and she was furious seeing me sitting beside him. She was so mad that when we got home, she slapped me and accused me of wanting to steal him. After that incident, I avoided him, not wanting to deal with her craziness. Thankfully I only had to endure her for another year before she went to college.

In my first year of college, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told he had that year (2013) to live. My mother got the news and told SD, and R. R responded by sending me a video she took from the TV show 'Shameless' where a girl is peeing on a man’s tombstone with a text, saying, 'can’t wait for that MF to be gone, have fun cleaning the mess I’m going to make' and added a picture of poo.

I was so furious and disgusted that someone like her existed, someone who would be so happy to see someone’s life end. My second year was rough, as my dad died a few days before school started. Ultimately, he left me with money that would help me for years and a few properties I rented to make extra cash.

Wondering if she did it? She sent me another video for proof. Somehow I feel karma was real at the time. A few weeks after that, I ended up bumping into the guy she was obsessed with (and still is) when I went to hang out with my friend who went to the same college as him. We spoke briefly until my friend came and we left.

A few days after that, my friend told me the guy she saw me with asked for my info, and she gave him my Snapchat knowing if I didn’t want to talk to him, she would give him an app I don’t use anymore.

When she told me this, I wanted to use him and get back at my sister, knowing how much she loved him. But I know how it feels to be hurt, so I added him on Snapchat and texted him to meet me at a coffee shop. When we met at our local coffee shop, I was honest about why I reached out and told him how crazy R was.

He wasn’t surprised. He told me that she would pull on the girls he would talk to and try to sabotage his relationships when they were in high school. R told some of the girls he was with that they slept together, she was having his kid, and even said he had an STD.

To keep this short, we stayed friends for a few months and then started dating. We had a lot of similar hobbies, interests, and thought alike. He says it’s the power of mind meld (Star Trek), seeing how we might as well be telepathic. This year we decided to get married. Our jobs pay us well in our respective fields where we can go big on our wedding.

Now here comes in R. R sadly still stalks my fiancé. He isn’t much of a social media person, so he doesn’t post much, but when he does, it’s on his Instagram story. He recently posted a picture of my hand with the engagement ring, captioning it, 'after three years, next up the wedding ring.' His Instagram is private, and he has her blocked, but there are a few people who tell her friends, and they tell her.

I don’t talk to my mom as much seeing how she wasn’t much help when my sister would bully me or when my SD belittled me, but I do once a month for a few minutes. My mom called me complaining about how R was throwing a tantrum about how J (my fiancé) was engaged, and she didn’t know who the other B was.

That’s when I got the idea. I’m going to let her know who the B was. Don’t worry. J is fine with this. I had R blocked on social media, and I unblocked her and made my Instagram public for this occasion.

After unblocking her, I posted a picture of my nails without the ring, my nails that were the same as the picture he put in his story. A few days later, I posted inspirational pictures of wedding invitations.

A few days after, I put a picture of myself with my friends dressed up with the caption, 'my bridesmaids!' and J a few hours later with his groomsmen with no caption, but we had the same background of the restaurant. The picture was taken.

And behold, I got messages on Instagram where she demanded to know if I was the girl J would marry. She said things like, 'no, he can ever like a girl like you' and 'you know how much he means to me.' I left her on read.

Yesterday, I posted a picture of the two of us. The pictures were taken on Saturday when we took his family out to inform them of our wedding plans and how they were officially invited with an invitation given to them.

I posted three pictures; one normal one is when we first started dating when he proposed, and the other on Saturday with his family with the invitation in the air as they surrounded us. I got messages an hour after I posted from R that I didn’t read and calls from my mom, which I declined.

Today, I went on Instagram and saw over eighty messages of insults from her, one being how ugly I looked with my short bob hair, which I cut for this occasion. I replied, 'interesting. J doesn’t think so. Funny, you know J confessed to me after our second date that he thought my Alice Cullen haircut in HS, as you described it before, was why I grabbed his attention back then?

He thought I looked very cute! Guess you did have a reason to feel threatened that time as he found me attractive even then.' After she read it, I made my account private and blocked her. I’m considering doing it again when we get married or changing my bio to his last name.

The internet does not like OP's sister.

Adaian5443 says:

Firstly, Congratulations and good luck with the marriage! Second, don't underestimate how good petty revenge can make you feel! However, if your sister is as crazy as you say she is, I would be anxious that she might try and sabotage the wedding, considering she has sabotaged other relationships of J's in the past. Not that it would work, but you don't need the drama on your wedding day.

bobwoodwardprobably says:
So your sister stalks your fiancé but didn’t know you guys were together for three years?

dark-_-thoughts says:

Don't make her being in deranged pain YOUR happiness. Not worth it in the long run and you don't mess around with crazy. You can't predict what they will do and they will surprise you eventually.

Congrats on your wedding, OP! Hope your sister doesn't show up and tell everyone she's carrying your fiance's baby.

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