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16 people share the worst case of 'spoiled rich kid syndrome' they ever encountered.

16 people share the worst case of 'spoiled rich kid syndrome' they ever encountered.


Watching a friend who has never noticed a price tag wonder why you can't just charter a jet whenever you want to take a spontaneous weekend trip can be a humbling experience...

Money isn't always a fun topic to discuss with friends, but there are some harrowing financial experiences that make you reconsider ever going out to dinner with the friend who always got a new pony for their birthday.

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the craziest encounter of 'rich kid syndrome' that you have witnessed/experienced?' people were ready to share the worst and most entitled examples of spoiled adults who grew up with wealthy parents who never told them 'no.'


My wife and I stopped by a Tiffany's on Saturday to drop her necklaces off for cleaning. They are modest but nice and they were due to be cleaned up.

As we wait for customer service lady to come help us, a 15 year old (heard them talking about her upcoming 16th bday gift) is b*tching to her mom about a 4+ thousand dollar piece of jewelry she was expecting to get for a 16th bday present. When mom said that'd have to be something for a graduation present.

Daughter continues her b*tchyness and basically says 'so which one am I getting for my birthday then. Seriously, what kind of stuck up little sh*t demands several thousand dollar jewelry @ 15 years old... - jaheiner


Summer camp. Last day of the session, when we all needed to clean the cabin. Cue blonde girl crying because she was assigned to sweep and didn't know how. 'The maid always does that at home.' - Grave_Girl


My sister goes to a pretty rich college (on scholarships lol) & one of her friends invited a ton of people to the Bahamas for spring break. He said his private jet only fit 10 or so, so she'd have to use her own. She politely declined his invitation while also telling him she didn't even own a car. - whatxever


I work at a university in the US where there are a ton of rich entitled kids. There was once a parent who insisted that the health center pay for a cab/driver to take their temporarily disabled student from class to class. They raised such a stink about it that the university ended up just complying to get them to shut up. I think the kid broke their leg... - mmmmmpopplers


This girl I know complains constantly about how her dad 'never does anything for her'. I guess she forgot about how he pays her college tuition, gives her more than I make at my job for spending money, pays her living expenses, and bought her a condo. - invisible_23


Sitting in a coffee shop in Boston. Outside on the street is a beautiful Lamborghini. I see a young college kid walk up to it, pull the parking ticket out from under the windshield wiper, toss it into the street and then drive away. - [deleted]


I knew an online friend who just could not believe that I didn't know anyone in my life with maids. -Foodera


Heard some girls in the locker rooms saying they were going to break their phones so they would get new ones - dashieundomiel


A guy I knew through school was hitting on me and I let him know I wasn't interested. He proceeds to open his wallet and start counting out hundreds while telling me 'everyone has their price, so how much will it take?' - la_femme_gela


'You going to buy that new game?' 'No, I don't have an Xbox One.' 'Just buy it then!' As if everyone can afford the latest game console. - [deleted]


My cousin crashed his Range Rover, was told it would be in the shop for a week or two, bought an identical range rover because he had already showed it to some girl he was meeting from a dating website - princessrehana


Friend of mine got angry at a game when I was a kid and threw his console down some stairs, his parents went right out and got him a new one. My parents would've probably made me eat the thing if I acted like that. - The_Horizontal


As a manager, I fired a girl because she literally slapped another girl in the office. The parents of the girl I fired came into the office demanding an explanation. - damien6


While working as a house cleaner, I watched a girl b*tch and moan to her mom until her mom called the private school to arrange making a donation if they moved assigned seats in classes so the girl could sit beside her friends. - [deleted]


Ex-girlfriend's friend said to me, 'Can you believe there are people who have never been on a private jet??' 'Uhh, yeah, I'm one of them...' - drbuntchud

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