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15 people share what made them immediately stop pursuing a romantic interest.

15 people share what made them immediately stop pursuing a romantic interest.


There are few feelings more disappointing than watching the glow of attraction around a crush get snuffed out in an instant. Once the veil is removed and the red flags are flapping in the wind, it's both difficult and unwise to return to the original state of infatuation.

It can be something as simple as a passing statement that reveals their broader worldview, a moment of disconnection that shows your incompatibility, or a petty flaw that you know you can't deal with. Whatever the trigger, once the light of a new flame has been dimmed, you've reached the point of no return.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared what made them lose interest in someone they were pursuing, and it's a parade of red flags.

1. From KaRue3:

Yelled at someone at a party for a miscommunication that was no one's fault. I get it, it was frustrating, but she just yelled at this woman for no reason.

2. From Pretend_Tea6261:

The biggest red flag for me is pursuing someone who loves attention on themselves but is not very interested in your life. Basically, drop the pursuit right there and look for someone who is just as interested in you as you are in them.

3. From colorandnumber:

One night stand developed into dating. Potentially serious then I find out she’s married. Then she tells me she’s preggo and that her husband had a vasectomy several years earlier. Then she kinda disappears.

4. From Minibersy:

They started flirting with my best friend.

5. From PaleHorsewithDeath:

Met girl through tinder. Seen eachother 3 - 4 times. Everything was good. Didn't suspect anything bad. She stayed the night. Great night. Wake up in the morning, empty bed. Purse and most of her clothes are still here.

Get up and walk to bathroom to pee. Come back into room. She is slumped over on the floor. A belt around arm and needle on floor in front of get her up. Get dressed and get out...goodbye.

6. From drmonkeytown:

After dating a woman for a few months, I took her out for breakfast on her birthday with plans to see her again that night. She went completely off the radar only to emerge the next day to confess that she had spent the night in jail for violating the restraining order placed upon her after ass*ulting her previous boyfriend.

Hit the eject button pronto. Never looked back. I was completely caught off guard because she held a very prestigious job, had extensive real estate holdings and presented as squeaky clean.

7. From MadLintElf:

She disappeared for about a month and showed up looking horrible, lost so much weight I hardly recognized her.

Found out that she was left 20K by her dad and received it, she was a crackhead and spent it all. Didn't spend a penny on her two young children either, just left them with her mom and went partying.

8. From Scarlet_Rot_Falke:

When he stopped talking to me after I didn't send him n*des, turns out he asks multiple girls for n*des, then sells the pictures to some of his friends. A complete human garbage, if you ask me.

9. From blonde_77:

I realized he was using me for favors. He was always needy, but never there when I desperately needed him.

10. From InkblotDoggo:

They hurt my dog. Now, I was into this guy for a while. Bigger guy. Seemed really sweet. I invited him over after we hit it off, and my dog, being a dog, came up to see this new person. He responds to this inquisitive sniffing my kicking them in the face, and seeming proud of it, saying that you 'have to show a mutt who's boss.'

I told him to get the f*ck out of my house and never come back. I'm still very single, but my dogs haven't been hurt like that since.

11. From notyourusualprincess:

After the second date, he said he can’t wait to put a baby in me. And when I asked if we can get to know each other first he said he doesn’t have time for a 6-12 months courtship. He already knows what he wants. Anyway...I did let him know I’m not a womb for hire, and never talked again.

12. From arikado2035:

She stood me up on my 30th bday...AFTER she invited ME out of town to celebrate. It was all good. Got myself an amazing steak dinner and my nieces and nephews got me a chocolate cake and they got me a Captain America shirt I still use to this day.

13. From NotMyRealName814:

I found out he had been divorced five times by the age of 45.

14. From Lovingit9696:

Went to surprise her for her birthday three days after she randomly showed up at my apartment saying she had broke up with her long-term boyfriend (all through high school). We kissed at my place.

When I got to her dorm room to surprise her the “ex” boyfriend was in her bed, under the covers, and appeared to be naked - at least from the shoulders up. Pretty much just dropped the present I had gotten her and turned around walking away.

I went to go visit a friend I knew was at the same college (I had driven an hour). He was busy writing a paper but said I should go visit his little sister who I hadn't seen in over a year She was at the same college. He gave me directions to her dorm. 27 years later - my friend's little sister and I have four kids and been married over 23 years.

15. From Odd-Stuff-4006:

He was way too horny, he turned every joke or sweet convo into something s*xual which really put me off.

Sources: Reddit
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